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March 23, 2018

Chanel Rouge Coco is a line that is as institutional as the brand itself, my very first Chanel was a Rouge Coco Shine lipstick.  Over the years, the line has expanded considerably to include lip colors of various textures and finishes.  And now, for the first time, Chanel has launched an innovative multi-use lip and cheek color, the Chanel Rouge Coco Lip Blush.

Chanel Rouge Coco Lip Blush

Chanel Rouge Coco Lip Blush is housed in a slim rectangular tube that is reminiscent of the Rouge Coco Gloss [reviewed here], differentiated by a matte glass body, black band around the neck and a thinner applicator.  Housed within is a crisp fluid that feels silky against the skin, and is equally beautiful and comfortable on the cheeks and lips.  Few multi-purpose blushes perform as well on the lips as they do on the cheeks, but Chanel excels where others fail.  Formulated with the Chanel Rouge Coco signature Hydraboost complex, the Lip Blush moisturizes and nourishes the skin with a mixture of Jojoba, Mimosa and Sunflower oils.  In true Chanel elegance, the texture is lightweight despite the oil content, and the pigment is evenly dispersed.  The excess oils evaporate upon application, leaving behind a translucent veil of color with a luminous matte finish.

Chanel Rouge Coco Lip Blush swatches

There are 6 shades in the range, and I have swatched them in the 2 ways that I would personally wear them – blended out for cheeks cheeks, and straight from the applicator for the lips.  The colors are:

Chanel Rouge Coco 2018 Collection

To accompany the release of the Lip Blush, Lucia Pica has designed 3 limited edition shades each of Rouge Coco Shine, Rouge Coco lipstick, Rouge Coco Stylo and Rouge Coco Gloss, making a total of 12 new lip colors.  I have just 3 of them, swatched below for your reference:

Chanel Rouge Coco 484, Rouge Coco Shine 138, Rouge Coco Gloss 804 swatches

No new Chanel makeup collection is ever complete without some nail polishes.  And there are 6 limited edition shades of Chanel Le Vernis Longue Tenue.  The 4 I have are:

Chanel Le Vernis 596, 618, 622, 628 swatches

Rose Neon is an elasticized neon pink with a matte finish.  Violet Piquant is an electric indigo that starts out slightly sheer and requires 3 coats to be completely opaque.  Prune Dramatique and Brun Contraste are very similar, one pulls purple whilst the latter gravitates towards brown.  I was surprised by how long-lasting these shades are, they survived a whopping 7 days on me without the barest wearing off at the tips, which is completely unheard of for me!

In case you were wondering how the Chanel Rouge Coco Lip Blush looks on me, here is a full makeup look featuring Orange Explosif on my cheeks, and a combination of Orange Explosif and Tender Rose on my lips.

Chanel Rouge Coco Lip Blush motd

I’m loving the portability and ease of these Lip Blushes for travel and makeup on the go.  Once applied, they last all day on my cheeks without fading nor oxidizing!  A tiny bit goes a long way, so I first place a small amount on the back of my hand, and then apply to my cheeks by tapping with my fingers.  On my lips, it dries down to a sheer matte stain that feels comfortable, nourishing even, but it does not have any notable longevity.

Have you tried these yet?

This post featured products that were generously provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

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