Get the Sun-Kissed Glow with Chanel Lumière d’Eté Illuminating Powder!

May 20, 2015

Aaahh…. I am so looking forward to summer!! It’s actually rather ridiculous to be looking forward to the sun since I live in the tropics… it’s summer all year!… but it’s more the idea of summer that appeals. This year I’ve decided to take a break from work for awhile, and if all works out well, I’ll be lounging by my poolside and having endless philosophical daydreams. But until we get there, we can at least look the happy, healthy, rested golden goddesses that we all want to be (riiight?)! And to help us achieve that, is the very exclusive Chanel Lumière d’Eté Illuminating Powder!

Chanel Lumiere D'Ete Illuminating Powder

This Summer 2015, Chanel is inspired by the glamorous French Riviera, part of the glorious Mediterranean, where blue clear skies meet the Italian shores in the distance. The complexion is completely natural, aglow with golden luminosity with a radiant effect. To achieve that wonderful illusion, Chanel has designed a beautiful illuminating bronzer – Chanel Lumière d’Eté Illuminating Powder. No ordinary flower, the Lumière d’Eté features a camellia flower carved into the surface of the pan. If I had thought the Jardin de Chanel Blush Camelia Rose from Spring 2015 [reviewed here] was 3-dimensional, the camellia design is even more impressive! There are rounded curves to the edges of the petals, and the layers upon layers (there are 5 in total!) make this one a museum-worthy piece.

Chanel Lumiere D'Ete Illuminating Powder

I remember looking at the press images and thinking, not another camellia face powder… somehow that dinky little blusher from Spring looked more appealing with its pink-ness and varied hues. But by the time I finally got my hands on it, and applied it to my face, I was sold! Whilst I may not be the biggest bronzer-hugging collector, I have come to appreciate the finer differences that a really great bronzer brings to an overall look. Chanel Lumière d’Eté is a medium golden brown with a luminous finish. There are some sparse micro-shimmers that are visible when swatched, but when applied with a brush, all that is left is a luminous, radiant look with no visible glitter. The texture itself felt firm in the pan, and the powder was smooth and silky. And even when I swirl a dense rounded cheek brush [currently in rotation is the Hakuhodo J210] around the pan, it doesn’t kick up any excess powder nor does it pick up too much.

Chanel Lumiere D'Ete comparison swatches

Chanel Lumière d’Eté is one of those magical creations that Chanel pulls out from the hat every year that lends a light wash of color, but more than just any ordinary bronzer, it brings light to the high points of the face like a highlighter.  It is perhaps the most yellow-based of all my bronzers – I pulled out those that looked most likely to be contenders, and was surprised by how different they all are.  Last year’s limited edition Terra Ora from Guerlain was even more shimmery and was slightly pink.  Tom Ford Terra I had expected to be slightly different (Gold Dust might be closer but I don’t have that one) and matte, but I didn’t expect such a dramatic difference.  Dior’s 2013 limited edition Nude Tan Paradise Blusher/Bronzer Duo in Pink Glow also seemed quite brown in the pan but again pulled more pink/beige than yellow.  I was worried it would turn too orange on me, but it actually looks brightening and quite pretty!

Chanel Lumiere D'Ete Illuminating Powder packaging

What is really lovely and thoughtful about the Chanel Lumière d’Eté is that it comes with a decent-sized brush (not one of those throwaway tiny ones they jam inside a blush palette) contained in its own pocket in the velvet pouch. This brush is also thicker than usual, and sized just right to sweep across the palette. Whilst I would not use the brush for contouring (I generally prefer something much denser and more directional), it is lovely for giving that sheer allover wash of color across the entire face. The Chanel Lumière d’Eté is designed to be used on face, shoulders and even décolleté to create that sun-kissed summer glow. And with 8gm of product, there is enough to last awhile.

So, as always, I’d like to leave you with a picture to show you how it looks on me.

Chanel Lumiere D'Ete Illuminating Powder lotd

The effect is really very soft, faintly luminous and does not turn me orange at all.  I wore Chanel Lumière d’Eté quite simply along my cheekbones, around the sides of the face, along the jawline and along my nose bridge.

Chanel Lumière d’Eté Illuminating Powder (SGD100 for 8gm) is limited edition and will launch in Singapore on 5 June 2015. Let the countdown begin!

This post features a product that was sent to me by Chanel Singapore for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

xo Linda

8 responses to “Get the Sun-Kissed Glow with Chanel Lumière d’Eté Illuminating Powder!”

  1. I love this one. Not as much as my Terracottas, but it really imparts a lovely glow. I’ve really got to do a round-up of my bronzers sometime soon, but I’m working my way through the 6 weeks of blogposts in my feed.

    • silverkis says:

      This one is a bit more subtle than the Terracottas I think… although strangely when I swatched them, I thought it was more pigmented. 6 weeks’ of blog feed!!! That’s very diligent of you! Thanks for makign the time to stop by!!!

  2. beauty bloss says:

    I finally got my hands on this last week. To say I’m a little in love is an understatement. This bronzer is just stunning. To look at and to wear.

  3. Lily says:

    I never really use bronzers until recently! I’ve always admired them from afar, especially those Guerlain ones. Chanel never really appealed to me, until this one! What sorcery is this??? I’ve been wanting it very badly since I saw it in reviews – it’s bad!

    • silverkis says:

      I never use bronzers either Lily… usually just to contour if anything. And i’ve been saying over and over again i dont see the appeal of this Chanel one…. and now i eat my words! Am i helping you spend more $$?? LOL!

  4. Ahhh I love this one so much! I actually don’t know if the embossing is part of the deal (it could be), but I am seldom so attached to a bronzer. Nowadays if I wear makeup, I add some of this to my face without fail. I like that it’s subtle yet visible, plus it doesn’t make my T-zone grease up!

    • silverkis says:

      lol…. i fall into that kind of trap sometimes…. i dont really know what magic this pan wields, and honestly in photos it doesn’t show up all that much, but i can *see* a difference!

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