Chanel L’ete Papillon Summer 2013

June 3, 2013

Of all the Summer 2013 makeup launches, Chanel is the one that got me most excited.  When I saw the display up at last at their Ion boutique over the weekend, I wanted to grab everything!

Chanel L'ete Papillon display

Inspired by the butterfly, Chanel’s L’ete Papillon Summer 2013 collection comes in a dazzling array of hues.  Most striking of all, is the rich blues and greens that truly pop.

When I first saw the Stylo Eyeshadows, I thought to myself, oh great, not another fat eye pencil.  When Laura Mercier came up with the Caviar sticks it got everyone excited but the classic colors made me yawn; then Bobbi Brown with her pastel cream shadow sticks were equally unexciting… it was not until I took a closer at Chanel’s offering that my heart started fluttering.

Chanel L'ete Papillon  Stylo Eyeshadow swatches

Chanel’s Stylo Eyeshadows are the creamiest of all the pen eyeshadows that I’ve tried so far!  And the colors are bold, exciting, shimmery metallics.  Moon River would have been my 1st choice for versatility except it resembled closely Laura Mercier’s Khaki caviar stick.  Cool Gold is probably another one that is popular, but I already owned Chanel’s Illusion D’ombre in Vision which is a similar gold.  I can see how many girls will gravitate towards Pink Lagoon, but I’m awaiting Tom Ford’s Pink Haze (coming my way from London hopefully very soon!!).  And so, my top pick from Chanel’s summer line-up is Blue Bay!  A close second is Jade Shore, although i’m still on the fence about whether it will make my lids look too sallow (you can tell I sub-consciously wanted it to work out cos I swatched it twice!).

Black Stream was the most surprising of all.  I had initially dismissed it as yet another black shadow, don’t we all have tonnes of those.  But the intensity of the color(the blackest of all black eye shadows thus far), and the subtle but distinct shimmer makes this one a standout for lining & creating smokey eyes.

And there is True Blue, which Chanel’s Summer 2013 limited edition Stylo Yeux Waterproof.  I was sold by the gorgeous aqua-marine blue that reminded me of the Mediterranean sea…  However, my initial swatch felt rather hard, and it appears there are numerous complains about this.  I have yet to test it on my eye, so will have to wait to find out.

And here is my haul for the day!

Chanel L'ete Papillon

Chanel’s L’ete Papillon Summer 2013 collection also consists of 4 striking colored mascaras; and 3 new nail polish shades that i’m rather fond of, and will probably review at a later stage.

Last but not least, there are 2 lipsticks and 3 lip glosses.  All are new and limited edition.  As if you need more reason to splurge!  I found these to be far less interesting, and are mostly super sheer and nude, with the exception of Pygmalion.  And I understand, with eyes so bold, you really can’t afford to have too much going on the lips as well!

Chanel L'ete Papillon lip swatches

Have you tried any of Chanel’s L’ete Papillon Summer 2013 collection yet?  

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  1. It’s soooo hard to resist!

  2. Gorgeous! Love your selections!

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