Chanel Le Vernis Chataigne (669)

August 24, 2015

Welcome to a fresh week of beauty! I’ve been playing with a tonne of new Fall makeup that I can’t wait to show you! But I’ve been obsessed with getting my hair dyed multi-hued like my friend Sydney, and ended up spending the entire afternoon at the salon. To fulfill today’s #Mani-Monday, I have the last of Chanel’s Fall 2015 Le Vernis to show you – Chataigne!

Chanel Le Vernis Chataigne (669)Chanel Le Vernis Chataigne (669) was the only 1 of the 3 fall nail polishes  from Chanel’s Les Automnales Collection that least appealed to me initially, and I hadn’t planned on picking it up. It reminded me of oxblood, a shade that enjoyed its height of popularity about 2 years back. Today, that color feels tired and over-done to me. However, after acquiring 2, it felt churlish to leave Chataigne out… especially when the other collections were not feeling exciting to me.

Chanel Le Vernis Chataigne nail swatch
On my nails, Chataigne is more dark chocolate than oxblood. With a single coat, it almost pulled cool-toned with some slate-grey influence in it.  But I needed 2 coats to cover my nails completely.  I found Chataigne to be somewhat thicker and gloopier, and therefore harder to spread evenly.  I’m sure I can fix it with a drop of Seche Vite Restore, but something to keep in mind if you are planning on picking this up.  Anyway, with 2 coats the red became more apparent in Chataigne.

Upon applying to my nails, I decided that I like Chataigne more than I had initially thought I would. Unlike most other oxblood polishes I own, Chataigne does not pull too brown nor too red. It is rather dark, so much that I think if I applied a 3rd coat it would turn black. And it is this quality that appealed to me as it made my hands appear fairer.  There is also the signature Chanel hidden micro-shimmers that is impossible to photograph but makes the difference.

The only thing I have to complain about Chataigne is that it does not last on my nails at all. I applied it in the morning and by evening it was already chipping off at the tips. Granted I had to do some chores at home, so you may have better luck with it than me.  In case Chataigne doesn’t appeal, you should also check out Ecorce Sanguine (reviewed here) and Vert Obscur (reviewed here).

xo Linda

12 responses to “Chanel Le Vernis Chataigne (669)”

  1. Eleni Papadaki says:

    Thanks for the review Linda! Such a shame this doesn’t last on you… It lasts 6 days on me but with the Dior Gel top coat on top. Love the shade and combined with that op coat the shine is lovely 🙂

  2. Alison says:

    I’m having the same problem with wear in Chanel on Fortissimo. It seems that Chanel has formula inconsistencies– some polishes, like Mediterranee are like one coaters, but the ones that you need two coats to cover have this problem. I am a fan of the new Chanel base coat as well. Are you?

    • silverkis says:

      Hi Alison, i guess generally the thicker the coat, the more problems you’ll face with wear time. Fortissimo stays on ok for me though. Yes they are inconsistent, i think because the finish is different. Yes the new base is AWESOME!!!

      • Alison says:

        I’m going to try with three coats and a double coat of top coat next. BTW, Linda, if I remember correctly you got the By Terry Nude Palette. I caved and finally ordered it. Are you happy with it overall? Do you reach for it or not so much?

        • silverkis says:

          Hi Alison, yes I got the BT Nude Palette! I’ve reviewed here here on the blog too…. you can find it if you search for it. I remember loving it, which was why I ended up buying 1 for myself. However, I found that I simply don’t reach for big palettes very often, and given how many “new” things come through for me to review, I don’t get the chance to go back and re-use older palettes. Having said that, you’ve just reminded me about this one, so I’m determined to break it out once I’m done with Fall collections!!!

  3. I agree with you on the oxblood nails – a bit tired by now. I do want the two others, but due to the state of my nails I can’t wear nailpolish as much as I like, so will settle for special occasion polishes and strengthening potions (That new Guerlain base, though!)
    New ‘do? I want to seeeeee! When can I see it? *jumps around squealing*

  4. Hey Linda, thanks for the review! I’m guessing I won’t “need” this, especially considering the formula is problematic. Out of the three, I like the red the most!

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