Chanel Le Lift Skincare

February 28, 2020

Chanel has been slowly updating its skincare products, and I have been really enjoying them.  I had dabbled with Chanel’s Le Lift range in the past, but my skin never really took to it, until now.  Various products have been updated since last year, and these have been helping my skin look taut despite waking up several times a night since the start of my pregnancy.  Today, I would like to introduce you to the 3 key pieces that I have been loving from Chanel Le Lift!

Chanel le lift skincare

Chanel Le Lift skincare range is composed of up to 94% naturally-derived ingredients, and particularly harnesses the botanical alfalfa concentrate extracted from a thousand year old plant, known for its unique remineralising and nutritious properties.  Rich in minerals and trace elements, the botanical alfalfa concentrate increases collagen synthesis in the dermis and activates cellular proliferation for improved epidermal renewal. It also maintains the balance of skin to reinforce the skin barrier.  I love that it is as effective as retinol, but much gentler, as my skin does not respond well to retinols in general.

The latest product in the range to undergo a revamp is the Chanel Le Lift Creme Yeux.  The alfalfa concentrate and its smoothing-firming properties are reinforced by a new Phyto-Active Complex, which decongests and energises the eye contour area.  As sleep deprivation is my constant woe at the moment, I definitely noticed my eye bags are lessened and my hooded lids more lifted after using the Le Lift Creme Yeux.  The light silky cream is also a big bonus making this a dream to apply and massage every night.  Full list of ingredients may be found here.

The other product that I have recently added to my night time routine is the Chanel Le Lift Serum.  The botanical alfalfa concentrate is enriched with an ultra-pure black peppermint complex derived from a proprietary polyfractioning process, with antioxidant properties comparable to Vitamin C yet more stable.  It protects skin against the aging effects of free radicals, brightens skin, and lifts up the complexion.  I like the light gel-cream texture that goes on without leaving a trace on my skin, and it has kept my face from looking puffy despite being woken up at all kinds of hours lately.  Full list of ingredients may be found here.

Chanel le lift creme

To complete my night time ritual, I apply the Chanel Le Lift Creme to seal in all the goodness.  There are 3 textures available – Crème Fine, Crème and Crème Riche – to suit different skin types and conditions.  I am currently halfway through my jar of Crème Fine, which has a lovely silky texture that melts into the skin upon contact.  Interestingly, the biggest improvement that I’ve noticed from using this, is improved radiance and greater skin elasticity.  Full list of ingredients may be found here.

Because of my old experiences with earlier generations of Le Lift, I hesitated to put the full range of products to the test for a long time.  However, once I started I found myself hooked!  The textures are so incredibly fine, and the hefty smoked glass jars are so luxurious to look at.  Most importantly, my skin is really responding well to these 3 products reviewed today, and they have helped keep me looking good throughout my pregnancy and especially now that sleep is in short supply.  If you have not tried the new Chanel Le Lift skincare range, I highly recommend you do so!

This post featured products that were generously provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

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