Chanel Jardin de Camélias…first impressions!

February 8, 2014

For Spring 2014, Chanel has a second collection titled Jardin de Camélias which is exclusive to Asia and  Most of the items are new and limited edition, with a couple of Aqualumiers and 1 Rouge Allure which are repromotes.  The collection has launched at Chanel boutiques at Ion and MBS last Friday, and will hit all Chanel counters next Friday.  Here are some quick shots and first impressions… enjoy!

Chanel Ombres Tracées Quadra Eyeshadow – Jardin Zen

Chanel Ombres Tracees Quadra Eyeshadow Jardin Zen

One of 2 centerpieces of the collection, Jardin Zen is a baked eyeshadow quad, but in a brand new formula.  It feels soft and silky which is typical of the US-pressed versions, but in a baked form (which allows it to be used both wet and dry!).  The print on top is designed to resemble a Japanese Zen garden, swirled around in the shape of a Camelia flower.

I am cursing Chanel inwardly to no end, because woe to me, all 3 variations of its Spring 2014 eyeshadow collection are based on pink-purple theme… my archilles heel!  Oh yes, I count 3 – the globally available Quadrille, US-only Rose Majeur duo, and this Asia exclusive Jardin Zen!  If you remember my previous post on Rose Majeur (here), I found Quadrille to be warmer – the pink is more salmon whereas Rose Majeur is peach-pink.  The pink in Jardin Zen is even cooler and softer, more baby pink.  The purples look the same in the pan, but Jardin Zen’s is more lilac whereas Rose Majeur leans closer to eggplant.

Chanel Jardin zen vs Rose Majeur

And here are the swatches:

Chanel jardin zen & illuminating powder swatches

The pigmentation is good, although the colors are still quite soft… beautiful!  That is a lovely pale gold and an impressive jet black.  Overall, a very sophisticated color palette… curses to Chanel!

Chanel Illumination Powder – Jardin de Camelias

The other heavyweight in the collection is an all-over illuminating face powder.  I included it in the swatch above, unfortunately the store lighting was not very conducive for photography, least of all for an iPhone!  But you can see how it is really just white… I can’t even say pale champagne or ivory white as it really truly feels just white to me.  There is some slight shimmer, but really very very little.  It also is not as sheer as most other highlighters that I know, but has the opacity of a very sheer pressed powder… NARS Translucent Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder comes to mine.  Jardin de Camelias can be dusted on the cheekbones as a highlighter, or swept all over the face for a brightening effect.

To be honest, Jardin de Camelias puzzles me… I’m not quite sure if I like my highlighter to be quite so white and opaque.  However, as an allover setting powder, it is quite pretty and brightening.  More importantly, this one is real preeetty!!

Chanel Illuminating Powder Jardin de Camelias

Chanel Illusion d’Ombre – #94 Rose des Vents

Aahh my gawd…more pink!  After the pink explosion of Impulsion (reviewed here), I didn’t think I needed more sparkly pink things of this mousse variety… but Rose des Vents is so… preeettyyyy……  And you layer it with either the pink or purple shades from Jardin Zen… gorgeous!

Chanel Joues Contraste – #87 Sakura

This is a lovely medium pink which has some peach tinges to it, but is overall a neutral color on me.  It has some very slight shimmer, and gives an overall satin finish.

Chanel Joues Contraste blush Sakura & Illusion d'Ombre Rose des Vents swatches

I couldn’t get around to swatching the Aqualumiers and Rouge Allures, there is too much to process!  Between Jardin Zen and Notes du Printemps, I think this is the stronger collection, too bad it is not available globally.  And now, let me dream pink-purple dreams…..


14 responses to “Chanel Jardin de Camélias…first impressions!”

  1. THanks for the swatches – i’ll see if my local counters have had them yet!! 😀 their past le blanc collection (the asia-exclusive ones) in the past few years had been a total miss for me.

  2. Eileen says:

    We typically get the Le Blanc collection in the US late June/early July. I was not real thrilled with last year’s collection, but this one is so very pretty. Jardin Zen, Rose des Vents, and Sakura are my kind of colors. Thanks for the lovely swatches.

    • silverkis says:

      Oh so late?! Gosh, I wasn’t fond of last year’s collection either, but this purple-pink is pretty compelling!

    • Christina says:

      I know I’m late to this, but I just received my Rose de Vents. It’s gorgeous! I’m no stranger to pink eye shadow, but I was still worried about how this would turn out on me. It’s quite pigmented! Sheer this baby is not (unless you do one or two quick swipes). It actually reminds me of some of my pink eye shadows from Sugarpill or Urban Decay. It’s got a lovely shimmery, almost metallic (without any frost) finish to it that pairs nicely with other textures and lasts pretty long on me (going on 6 hours without fading as I type), which is atypical for me because the Illusion D’Ombres fade on me fast!

      I don’t think this collection is going to launch at Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale or Saks this time around, so the website’s the only way to go. Being a pink eyeshadow, I doubt it’d sell out, though.

      • silverkis says:

        Yay, glad you got hold of and enjoyed Rose des Vents! I’m very conflicted because I already picked up Impulsion a few weeks ago! Based on the information I’ve seen, this collection is supposed to be a & Asia exclusive only….

  3. Shari says:

    OMG. Temptation!!!!!!

  4. loveyeyaa says:

    I am patiently awaiting for this to come out in the states I cannot wait! I already have my list ready:)

  5. Sunny says:

    Oh I didn’t know this is an Asia exclusive! Too bad! The quad definitely looks like a good one! Thanks for the swatches! I was thinking the highlighter would be a… highlighter. From your swatches and description though, it seems like a pressed powder instead! Interesting!

  6. OMG, I love them, too bad they are only for Asia…snif snif…

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