Chanel Entrelacs Palette for Fall 2015

July 14, 2015

I’m so not ready for fall yet, but when it comes to a palette as endlessly gorgeous as the new Chanel Entrelacs Palette, I am more than ready!

Chanel Entrelacs Palette for Fall 2015

The Entrelacs Palette is a new and limited edition quint eyeshadow palette featuring neutral shades of nudes and browns.  That in itself is guaranteed to make plenty of ladies happy, although the icing on top of the cake for me is the stunning interlacing pattern engraved into the eyeshadows.

Chanel Entrelacs Palette for Fall 2015

Brown-themed neutral palettes like these have done to death, and what makes the Entrelacs Palette special is not simply the design.  The palette carries a very thoughtful range of shades from light to dark, and enough medium shades to balance everything out very nicely.  All of the eyeshadows have buttery smooth textures, and when worn in combination give an elegant pearl finish with very subtle micro-shimmers that are only visible under very low lighting and serves to give dimension to the look.

Chanel Entrelacs Palette swatches

The swatches correspond to the shades on the palette.  From left to right, the shades are:

And to show you how it looks when worn…

Chanel Entrelacs Palette EOTD

For the eye look above, I started with the charcoal brown on the outer third of the eye, followed by the bronze blended over till the middle of the lid.  Thereafter, I patted and blended the shimmery peach all over the rest of the lid.  I then blended out the crease with the matte beige, and added a touch of shimmery champagne to the center of my lid.

And to put the look into context…

Chanel Entrelacs Palette MOTD

I am so in love with this Chanel Entrelacs Palette, as it creates the perfect fall look with perfect ease.  I can wear this to work and darken it for the evening as I wish.  Of course, if you already have many other such brown-themed neutral palettes, this is probably not a must-have.  But for everyone else, this is certainly worthy of a spot in your collection.

Update: One of my readers pointed out that this Entrelacs Palette is very similar to the Ombres Metalassees Charming Palette from Holiday 2013 and so I thought I’d show you the 2 side by side.

Chanel Charming vs Entrelacs

Chanel Charming vs Entrelacs swatches

I do agree both share lots of similarity.  However, I must say the Entrelacs Palette has a far superior texture, it is softer and smoother.  On the other hand, they are sufficiently different in that Charming contained a more shimmery bronze and 2 darker shades that creates a smokier eye.  Entrelacs in contrast, is softer in its color choices, and although you can still build it up for a night look, the overall effect will still be softer.  Charming is also a slightly warmer-toned palette whereas Entrelacs is neutral leaning towards cool-toned.

xo Linda

This post featured a product that was kindly provided by Chanel Singapore for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.