Chanel Collection Révélation

June 23, 2013

Amidst all the hype surrounding the Les Beiges release, and the suffocating Indonesian smog (that’s right, i’m labeling it now, don’t think you can escape anonymously!)… I had forgotten about Chanel’s BEAUTIFUL Collection Révélation! Seems like this was launched in the US earlier in March, but it barely hit our shores a fortnight ago.

Chanel Collection Revelation

The collection consists of 10 Levres Scintillantes (6 new and 4 re-issues), and 1 nail polish. The latter had so much hype, it is no wonder it went missing from the display! More on that shortly….

Chanel Collection Révélation Lévres Scintillantes Glossimer

Chanel Collection Revelation

“Le Rouge Chanel is the unique signature of creations, colours & makeup results dedicated to beautiful lips.

Le Rouge Chanel liberates tones and attitudes.

No matter what your state of mind. Le Rouge Chanel indulges your instant desire.

Levres Scintillantes for sparkles. Rouge Coco for spontaneity. Rouge Allure for intensity.”

I am most drawn to the 2 plum shades – Crushed Cherry and Savage Grace. These were super sultry and would be the perfect accompaniment to a deep wine lip. There are also 2 clear glosses with shimmers that would go well over any lip color.

Filling in the entire spectrum of clear to deep colors, Chanel has also released a bunch of nude to medium shades of beige / pink glosses. I skipped over these as most of them are re-issues of its permanent collection.

And here are the swatches!

Chanel collection revelation gloss swatches

Chanel Collection Révélation Le Vernis: Taboo

Chanel Le Vernis Taboo

“A unique nail shade: Taboo. Pairs with each shade of Levres Scintillantes. A violet plum shade with blue hues that reveals red tones at its heart depending on reflected light.”

I can see why there was so much hype surrounding this latest nail polish… it is certainly multi-dimensional, and goes so well with the deep plummy glosses that I love. However, once on my nail, I found it just that little bit underwhelming… simply because the base color – a metallic purple-red, is not all that exceptional. Don’t get me wrong, I love this nail polish to bits, but I just simply didn’t think it is as unique as some of the L’ete Papillon polishes.

This was a tough polish to photograph as its varying hues showed up quite differently depending on lighting conditions.

Here is a swatch taken under clear sunlight (oh, that seemed like a long-forgotten time!).

Chanel Le Vernis Taboo NOTD

What do you think of Chanel’s Collection Révélation?


4 responses to “Chanel Collection Révélation”

  1. Daydream and Taboo are beautiful

  2. I can’t wait to try the lip glosses… I’m in need of a new nude shade.

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