June 12th, 2016

Origins Mega-Defense SPF45 Advanced UV Defender & Barrier-Boosting Essence Oil

I strongly believe that pollution causes oxidative stress on skin and contribute to pre-mature aging, and so I was excited to try out Origins’ latest skincare franchise – Dr. Weil Mega-Defense!

Origins Mega-Defense

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May 23rd, 2016

Protect & Defend with Chanel La Solution 10 & UV Essentiel

Did you know that as many as 1 in 2 women globally claim to have sensitive skin?  That’s an astounding statistic, and it means that everyone of us would have experienced sensitive skin at some point in our lives, and can identify with the redness, itchiness and stinging sensation often associated with overly-reactive skin.  And it is no wonder as we live in polluted cities and stressful lifestyles, all leading to increased levels of skin sensitivity.  To help care for our skin, Chanel has introduced the new La Solution 10 to soothe and defend against external aggressors.  I have been using it with the newly formulated UV Essentiel, which not only further protects the skin, it also stimulates skin’s natural protective power.

Chanel La Solution 10 UV Essentiel

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May 10th, 2016

La Prairie Cellular Swiss UV Protection Veil SPF50 / PA++++

Sunscreens are di rigor these days, we all know about the potential aging effects of UV on the skin.  But why just use boring plain vanilla sun screens when you can get so much more out of 1 product?  La Prairie takes us a few steps ahead with its latest Cellular Swiss UV Protection Veil, which combines antiaging treatment, hydrating benefits, and makeup primer capabilities in one!

La Prairie Cellular Swiss UV Protection Veil SPF50

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December 20th, 2015

5 Beauty Hacks to Get You Through Party Season!

Multi-taskers!  This is a whole new skincare trend that has grown into a very useful part of my life ever since these beauties were introduced to me.  As the festivities pick up in pace, I find it ever more useful to be able to skip steps in my beauty routine, especially if I’m doing a quick costume change in between day and night events.  My skin is no longer so young that I can afford to completely cut out proper prepping and priming though, so it is critical that the products I choose fulfil their basic skincare function perfectly, and on top of it, prime my skin for makeup so I can get to the flawless stage faster!  There are 5 that I’m currently loving, let’s take a look at them today!

Multitasking skincare

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October 28th, 2015

Guest Post by Memoiselle: Top Skincare & Makeup Picks!

Hello my dears!  I’m taking a much needed holiday with el hubs for the next couple of weeks, and I’ve asked a few friends to fill in for me while I’m away.  I thought this would be a good time to introduce some local bloggers to you, and indeed you may find some (if not all) of them familiar!  In any case, to kick things off, I’d like to introduce my good friend Meryl who blogs over at Memoiselle.com.  She is one of the nicest and most generous person I know, and was a great help to me when I was still finding my footing as a blogger.  Enjoy!

Top Skincare and Makeup Picks by Memoiselle

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June 14th, 2015

A Sunscreen for Every Budget & Lifestyle!

You know summer’s-a-calling when stores start displaying their sunscreens in the windows, and a whole new “improved” crop make their happy faces seen. In my usual snail’s pace, I found that I’ve amassed yet another bag-full of sunscreens, and thought I’d return with a Sunscreen Smackdown III [Episodes I and II may be found here and here]. Today, I’ll be introducing sunscreens from Radical Skincare, Shiseido, Kiehl’s, TheFaceShop and Creme Simon!

Sunscreen Smackdown: Radical Skincare, Kiehl's, Shiseido, Creme Simon, TheFaceShop

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Chanel Fall 2016 makeup look ft Illusion d'Ombre Rouge Contraste Rouge Brule

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