March 8th, 2018

The most luxurious skincare item I’ve ever tried: La Prairie Platinum Rare Cellular Night Elixir!

I have a strong penchant for high-end luxury skincare… who doesn’t?  But I firmly believe in investing in our natural beauty, because it always pays off in the long run.  Also, we all need a good reason to work hard for our money.  And now, the unequivocal luxury skincare expert has topped the charts with the exquisite La Prairie Platinum Rare Cellular Night Elixir!

La Prairie Platinum Rare Cellular Night Elixir

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February 11th, 2018

7 Valentines’ Day Gift Ideas!

Valentines’ Day is just round the corner, and this year put together a small gift guide for those looking for a little inspiration.  Whether you are looking to treat yourself, a bff or a loved one, there is something here for every budget.

Valentines Day 2018 picks

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January 16th, 2018

Estee Lauder Ultimate Lift Regenerating Youth Collection

Luxurious anti-aging skincare is one of my favourite things in beauty, and was what spurred me to start blogging years ago. There are lots of brands out there that position themselves as the purveyors of the finest, and there are brands that just do extremely well across the grain. Estée Lauder often gets overlooked precisely because it seems so mainstream, but I was recently blown by how amazing and luxurious their top-of-the-line offerings can be. Inspired by the magic and power of nature’s dew, and harnessing the powers of exotic florals, Estée Lauder presents us with the Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lift Regenerating Youth Collection.

Estee Lauder Renutriv Ultimate Lift Regenerating Youth Collection

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December 22nd, 2017

Last Empties Post of the Year… Vol. 4

It’s been an amazing year in many ways, and I hope you’ve enjoyed all the product reviews or introductions here on the blog.  Reality is, it takes much more time to write a skincare/bodycare/haircare review than makeup.  On the other hand, I think it is far easier to get through those products, and so I’ve taken to documenting my empties to better speak to my fondness of some of these stuff that never makes it to the blog.  There are way too many to go into detail here, so please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below!

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October 29th, 2017

Genaissance de La Mer The Infused Lotion & The Eye and Expression Cream

There are very few brands out there that is as consistent and luxurious in every way as La Mer.  The ultimate epitomy of the brand’s offering is the Genaissance de La Mer line.  And now, La Mer expands the exquisite offering with 2 new products – The Infused Lotion and The Eye and Expression Cream.

La Mer Genaissance The Infused Lotion & The Eye and Expression Cream

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October 19th, 2017

#NoBadSkinDays with Lancôme Advanced Genifique Sensitive

Life has been an emotional whirlwind lately and work has been stressful… add to that lots of air travel, so no surprise my skin has turned as grumpy as I feel inside.  I returned from my last trip with dry, irritated red patches on my cheeks, and decided to break open my bottle of Lancôme Advanced Genifique Sensitive!

Lancome Advanced Genifique Sensitive

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Chanel Fall 2016 makeup look ft Illusion d'Ombre Rouge Contraste Rouge Brule

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