Be Hippy Chic this Summer 2018 with By Terry!

June 4, 2018

If you could have one wish this summer, what would it be?  I think for most of us, above all else, we desire to be happy.  But what happens if the pursuit of happiness leads us to be rather selfish?  Is it nobler in the mind to seek solace in the greater good, or take arms against a sea of troubles for the light at the end of the tunnel?  Two roads diverge in the woods… how would you choose?

Thank goodness some things in life don’t need much premeditation, especially when they are as gorgeous as By Terry’s Hippy Chic Summer 2018 Collection.  Boho hippy relaxed vibes and edgy chic cool collide in this tightly curated collection.

By Terry Hippy Chic collection

By Terry Hippy Chic Collection is inspired by summertimes in Ibiza, that incredibly chic destination where seemingly all people do is languish by the beach all day and then hit stylish parties all night.  The colours and tones celebrate the island’s paradisiacal beauty and carefree, hippy spirit.  Assuming you are already all set with By Terry’s extensive and excellent range of base products, bronzes and everything else… the Hippy Chic Collection adds 2 new Sun Designer Palettes to help you capture that sunny glow.

By Terry Sun Designer Palettes for Summer 2018

By Terry first charmed us with these beautiful face palettes 2 summers ago [see here] and I am so excited to see 2 new color variations released this year.  The palettes feature 6 different shades in a mix of matte and satin finishes, to bronze, blush and highlight.  The powders are silky soft to the touch, and so finely milled they glide on like second skin.  Pigmentation of colors is perfectly calibrated so that the blush goes on in a single sweep for a natural flush, and the bronzer does not look overdone.

By Terry Sun Designer Palette Hippy Chic

By Terry Sun Designer Hippy Chic is the bolder of the 2, and carries several blush options from coral to pink.  There are lighter and darker shades to highlight and contour, and you can blend shades at will – use all 3 shades on the left or right halves, or across the palette.

Here are the swatches according to their actual placement on the palette:

By Terry Sun Designer Palette Hippy Chic swatches

For those who are paler or prefer a more nude look, you can opt for the By Terry Sun Designer Happy Sun palette.

By Terry Sun Designer Palette Happy Sun

For an all-over bronzed, matte finish, blend the three shades on the right-hand side of the palette, focusing on key areas including the forehead, cheekbones, chin and neck.  For a glamorous and dewy finish, apply the shinier shades on the left-hand side of the palette to key areas of the face, including the higher cheekbones, bridge of the nose and eyebrow bone.

Here are the swatches according to their actual placement on the palette:

By Terry Sun Designer Palette Happy Sun swatches

I love that there is a mix of more orange-tones for after gaining a summer tan, and cooler ash-based tones for contouring on a daily basis.  Although it didn’t appear that way at first glance, Happy Sun actually consists of a peach blush that is quite unusual and really ideal this time of the year.

By Terry Twist-on-Lip Dual Lipstick

Those puckers get a glamorous makeover this season with the new By Terry Twist-on-Lip.  These ombre lip bars glide on dreamily and are nicely pigmented so that you really only need a single swipe.  There are 8 shades in a clever range of nudes, bright fuchsias, glamorous wine tones, etc etc.  Each of them give a shiny lustre to the lips without compromising on longevity nor opacity.

I have 3 of the 8 shades, and here are their swatches:

By Terry Twist-on-Lip arm swatches

And here are the lip swatches.  I have worn all 3 in various different ways… can you spot the differences?

By Terry Twist-on-Lip lip swatches

By Terry Hippy Chic Collection is out in stores already.  Did anything here catch your fancy, or are you conflicted when presented with choices like me?

Do you have any advice to share on the best way to make important decisions in your life?

This post featured products that were generously provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

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