By Terry Eye Designer Palette in Smoky Nude

March 25, 2015

Nude palettes are always popular, but a good one is very hard to come by. Practically every beauty brand has their own nude palette, but often when you get beyond 4-5 shades, the palettes all end up looking the same. They are often rifled with the same problems of too many similar tones in varying intensities, or a big bifurcation between dark and pale shades without much variety in between. And so, it is something truly special that commands a second look from me, and that is the new By Terry Eye Designer Palette in Smoky Nude.

By Terry Eye Designer Smoky Nude Palette

By Terry Eye Designer Palette is a new limited edition offering featuring 10 complementary shades that may be used either wet or dry. There are 2 palettes to choose from – 01 Smoky Nude, and 02 Colour Design. It was a very tough decision to choose between the 2, but I eventually gravitated towards Smoky Nude. I am gradually getting to that stage in life where I find myself reaching for nudes more often than colors as my lids are starting to get more crepe-y and I just don’t feel like drawing more attention with colours. It could also be a function of been-there-done-that, and I need a brief respite.

By Terry Eye Designer Palette Smoky Nude

Whichever way you look at it, By Terry Eye Designer Palette is a stunner. The eyeshadows are all neatly laid out, and tightly packed so that even with 10 x 1.4gm of product, it still manages to fit nicely in my palm (barely bigger than the Chanel L’Intemporel Eyeshadow Palette or the Hourglass Modernist palette). It also does not hurt to have a classy embossing of ‘By Terry’ ringing each shade to up the pretty factor; and an actually useful 2-ended brush (fluffy all-over shadow and thin angled liner) and clear mirror included to make this a true travel-friendly palette.

By Terry Eye Designer Palette Smoky Nude

My number 1 requirement for a large palette is to have some color variety (not monotonal like the Urban Decay Nude palettes or the Laura Mercier Artist Palette) to create a variety of looks depending on your outfit and mood. Here are some swatches to prove the point, starting with the top row:

By Terry Eye Designer Palette Smoky Nude top row swatches

The top row of the By Terry Eye Designer Palette in Smoky Nude attracted me the most for the variety of shades and tones. But after swatching, I was even more in love as I discovered hidden shimmery goodness that I had not expected from press pictures and even looking at the palette in person. From left to right according to their placement on the palette, the shades are:

By Terry Eye Designer Palette Smoky Nude bottom row swatches

The bottom row of the By Terry Eye Designer Palette in Smoky Nude was what held me back initially. On first inspection, they all seem like pale matte pastels, which generally do not fare well on me. However, I was surprised to find that with the buttery smooth By Terry formula, even mattes perform well, and each of these shades perform a different function (instead of just 4 duplicative highlight shades!). From left to right according to their placement in the palette, the shades in the bottom row are:

I always wonder how neutral palettes can keep selling out, especially since every makeup lover owns at least 1. But I really should know better, because us beauty lovers really can’t ever get enough. And especially when it comes from a brand like By Terry. To be honest, I was very apprehensive when approaching this palette because I have had mixed feelings about By Terry products in the past. Which makes it all the sweeter to find a gorgeous palette with some of the best textures. These eyeshadows lasted me all day even when my lids were at their driest and most fickle, no fading nor creasing, simply brilliant.

And here are just a couple of eye looks that I’ve been playing around with. Very understated because I’ve been having non-stop meetings for the past week, and I’ve been trying hard to camouflage really inflamed, sometimes swollen skin (no need to draw more attention to the face than necessary!).

By Terry Eye Designer Palette Smoky Nude EOTD 1

By Terry Eye Designer Palette Smoky Nude EOTD 2

I should also point out that the By Terry Eye Designer Palettes retail for EUR78 for 10×1.4gm. In contrast, a regular By Terry Ombre Veloutee Powder Eye Shadow retails for EUR30 for 1.5gm each. Unfortunately, the pricing of the palette seems to vary by markets – it is currently listed at GBP69 on SpaceNK UK – and I am unable to obtain the pricing for Singapore. In any case, it is certainly priced on the higher-end of the market as is consistent with the By Terry collection, but it is unique as By Terry does not usually carry eyeshadow palettes, and this Smoky Nude palette is truly worth investing in. By Terry Eye Designer Palettes will launch at Escentials in Singapore in May.

Have you tried anything from By Terry and what was your experience with the range?

xo Linda

This post featured a product that was kindly loaned to me for my playing pleasure.  All views expressed here are my own honest, unbiased opinion. In fact, I ended up buying 1 with my own money shortly after swatching, which is currently making its way to me from EU!

6 responses to “By Terry Eye Designer Palette in Smoky Nude”

  1. I love your eye looks and disclaimer is fun lol. Those are in fact on their way *wink wink* I tried the Color Design today and ended up not liking it as much as I liked Smoky Nude, so don’t worry if you think you were missing something. It doesn’t have the strong pigmentation of this one. I think it is intended but still I would prefer if they left me the decision.

    • silverkis says:

      I’m still trying to find an opportunity to play with my Color Design tester… my entire face has been swollen and peeling lately… Monday was the worst I woke up with puffy eyes like a fish. :((

  2. Hey Linda, hmm I probably will sit this one out. I can see why you (and many more) love it, but the shades are either too cool-toned or too matte for me! I need mattes, but I already own all the matte shades I need (or so it seems) 😉

    • silverkis says:

      Hey Sunny, I find myself saying this quite a bit lately for some mythical reason… but this palette performs much better on the lids than it appears swatched. There are some magical SUQQU-ish microshimmers in there that just doesn’t show up in the swatches. Try it!

  3. Lily says:

    A beautiful neutral palette that I don’t need. I know you don’t like the Densiliss foundation but it sits beautifully on my normal skin. I use shade number 4 which has more yellow in it. I just ordered the new CC cream in nude and I can’t wait to play with it. I will also be trying out Misty Rock after reading so many glowing reviews!

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