Burberry SS13 picks: Hydrangea Pink Light Glow & Sweet Pea Lip Gloss

July 25, 2013

Hello!  Hope you are having a great week so far… mine’s been busy with last minute events, and some unexpected drama at home.  So, I thought I’d cheer myself up, with some bright bold colors from Burberry Beauty!

Burberry has been available in Singapore for over a year now, but I’ve not worked up much enthusiasm for the line until very recently.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the signature Burberry checkered pattern that adorns all the casings, and embossed into their powder products.  Everything is beautifully packaged in sleek glass and metal, and all carry some weight.  My only problem was that the color palette was mostly neutral and soft classical shades, which just didn’t catch my eye very much.  However, all of that changed with the Spring-Summer 2013 collection, some of which I was able to pick up at a steal during the recent Luxasia sale (read all about my haul here)!

I have been lemming for a bright pink blusher after missing out on Tom Ford Narcissist, so was beyond ecstatic when I caught sight of this Burberry Hydrangea Pink Light Glow.

Burberry Hydrangea Pink Light Glow

Hydrangea Pink is an intense blush, and requires a very light hand.  In fact, this is the first blush for which my ancient Vincent Longo pony hair blusher brush failed, spurring me to go in search for a better brush (more about my brush quest later!).   The good thing is that Hydrangea Pink (I’m not sure if this extends to all Burberry Light Glows) has a soft, velvety texture that almost feels creamy to the touch, and is very easy to blend on the skin.  It lasted me all day without showing any signs of fading.

Although I did not set out in search for a matching lip color, I was irresistibly drawn by Burberry Sweet Pea Lip Glow Lipgloss because of the bright bold color.

Burberry Sweet Pea Lip Gloss

This is a vibrant fuchsia with a cool blue undertone.  Although it is well pigmented, it is not as opaque as some of Guerlain’s glosses (reviewed here), allowing the natural lip color to still show through.  No big since this is a gloss after all, but for those seeking greater color pay-off, I suggest first filling in the lip with a pencil.  I used Burberry Lip Definer Pencil #3 Sepia.  Sweet Pea is very comfortable on the lips, non-sticky and did not smudge.  It had decent lasting power for a gloss, approximately 3 hours on me.

Burberry Hydrangea Pink and Sweet Pea swatches

Overall, I’m really quite happy with my first foray into the world of Burberry Beauty!  The packaging is so luxe it leaves me breathless – have I mentioned the blush compact snaps shut with a magnetic closure?!  There is also a light floral scent that further enhances the experience.  Both Hydrangea Pink and Sweet Pea are limited edition, although I think you may still may be able to get them online.  Do check them out if these speak to you!

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  1. I am going to have to order some Burberry Makeup. It just gets great reviews

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