Burberry Oxblood Iconic Colour Nail Polish

April 20, 2015

Burberry Oxblood Iconic Colour Nail Polish is a permanent member of Burberry’s nail polish collection, but the one I have here is in a limited edition gold packaging from Holiday 2014.  I was digging around my room for something else and unearthed this bottle unexpectedly, and decided to review it for today’s #ManiMonday post!

Burberry Iconic Colour Nail Polish Oxblood

Oxblood is a classic shade, and one that was very much in vogue in 2013 when this was first released.  In theory, it is a dark red that has tints of chocolate, but Burberry’s rendition lacks the brown-influence and is more of a wine red.  Small nuances aside, Burberry’s Oxblood is a classy shade of red that is timeless and wearable for all occasions.

Burberry Iconic Colour Nail Polish Oxblood swatch

2 coats of Burbuerry Oxblood Iconic Colour Nail Polish with clear shiny top coat under sunlight

Admittedly, this is only my 2nd bottle of Burberry Nail Polish, but I must say this is not my favorite formula.  Similar to my previous experience with Ink Blue, the brush is hard to work with, and the formula is too thin for my liking.  In the nail swatch above, I had used 2 coats, and the color is clearly nowhere as deep as it appears in the bottle.  On a positive note, Oxblood is a lovely cream polish that is self-leveling and does not result in streaking.  It also dries to a nice shiny finish that remains shiny throughout its wear time.

Burberry Oxblood Nail Polish swatch comparisons

Swatch comparison using 2 coats each with no top coat, photographed under indoor flourescent lighting

When I first applied Burberry Oxblood Nail Polish on my tips, I thought it was not particularly unique, so I swatched it alongside some of the darker reds that I currently have on rotation in my stash.  And interestingly, Oxblood turned out to be much darker than I had expected.  But it is also quite obvious to me that it completely lacks the chocolate flavor to make it a true Oxblood.  Neither is it purple enough to be burgundy.  Deep wine red is probably the best description.  One more thing to note, Burberry Oxblood is showing some translucency near the cuticles, indicating a 3rd coat may be needed to achieve full opacity, which is not the case with the other polishes being compared here.

Regardless of whether this is a true Oxblood, Burberry Iconic Nail Colour in Oxblood is a classic shade that will likely flatter most skin tones.  However, it is not a formula that makes it to my top favorites for many reasons.  Most important of which, is that is could not even make it through the first night without wearing off at the edges, and started chipping by the 2nd day!  Lovely as the shade is, the quest is still on for the perfect Oxblood!

This post featured a product that was kindly provided to me for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

xo Linda

5 responses to “Burberry Oxblood Iconic Colour Nail Polish”

  1. Eleni Papadaki says:

    Hi Linda! That’s so interesting. Burberry is my go to brand for nail polish mainly because of the long wear and formula. I have like, 10 different shades from their main collection and each time I wear those, with a good top coat, they last me the week and remain shiny. Saying that, my collection is more pinks, yellows, greys and purples/blues, so it might be that their red based varnishes are not that strong. I would not go for Oxblood to be honest.

    • silverkis says:

      Hi Eleni, that is really interesting! I can’t get anything to last on my nails though… 3-5 days is my maximum, but this Burberry really didn’t even last the evening. Maybe it’s my nails? LOL!

      • Eleni Papadaki says:

        LOL! I doubt it Linda! I also read your other post on the Burberry nail polish, Blue Ink. Again, I don’t have that one as I tend to go for lighter shades, but you’re saying that Dior lasts on you well, which it doesn’t do on me. The new formula lasts better, but the old one did not last more than a day! Also you have longer nails, mine are short :). I increasingly started to believe that shorter nails are easier to maintain the colour on but these brands have to meet all expectations, don’t they? x

        • silverkis says:

          That is really very very interesting Eleni!! I wonder is it the water and weather? Hmm…. Also, yes i’m extremely brutal to my nails, I scratch, dig tiny objects out of crevices, open envelopes etc all with my nails. And they happen to be in terrible condition at the moment due to a very long bout of gelish. Yes, if we’re paying a pretty penny for these polishes, they should hit the ball out of the park yah?! 😉

  2. Hey Linda, I’ve tried two Burberry nail polishes so far. One is great and the other not so much! I like how it looks, but I probably don’t need it!

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