Burberry Nude Blush for FW2014 Bloomsbury Girl Collection

September 12, 2014

Every season, Burberry presents a different variant of the delicate English beauty, and I must say that while they are always immaculate, it is often too soft for my liking. But this FW2014, Burberry upped their ante with the Bloomsbury Girl Collection, featuring 2 artistic complete eye palettes.

Burberry Complete Eye Palette #12 Nude Blush for FW2014

I was immediately drawn to Burberry Complete Eye Palette #12 Nude Blush as it reminded me of #6 Plum Pink which has been on my wishlist forever.

Burberry Nude Blush vs Plum Pink complete eye palettes

Burberry Complete Eye Palettes Nude Blush vs Plum Pink swatches

When swatched side-by-side, it was clear to me that good things really do come to those who wait, as Nude Blush is more varied in finish and tones, and hence more exciting than Plum Pink. Whilst the color story is fairly similar – purples and browns – Nude Blush is cooler in tone, has a mix of matte / satin / metallic / shimmer shades, and a greater range of intensity from light to dark. In contrast, Plum Pink is warmer, the shades are “muddier”, and matte/satin across the palette.  The only thing that is similar about the 2 palettes is how light the top left highlighter shade is, and neither shows up on my skin.

Burberry Nude Blush Complete Eye Palette

The shades in Nude Blush, from bottom left to top right, are:

The very first time I applied Nude Blush on my lids, I was blown away by the intensity of the pigmentation and smoothness of the eyeshadows! Compared against Burberry’s SS2014 palettes (reviewed here), Nude Blush is much more pigmented and easier to blend. As I had noted above, I initially had reservations about the medium mauve shade as it did not swatch smoothly on my hand. But when I applied it with a brush on my lids (without primer), the result is a lovely wash of color as shown in this EOTD below.

Burberry Complete Eye Palette Nude Blush EOTD

I applied the medium mauve all over my lid, and darkened the outer corner with the dark eggplant. Followed with the metallic copper in the crease, and blended out with the pale matte beige. Lastly, I also lined the lower lash line with the dark eggplant.

Burberry Complete Eye Palette Nude Blush EOTD

Another way of wearing Nude Blush is to apply the metallic copper all over the lid, blending out at the crease with the matte pale beige. Finished by winging out and lining the lower lash line with the dark eggplant.

Burberry Complete Eye Palette in #12 Nude Blush is a beautiful quad with shades that are classical Burberry and easy to wear. The quality is top-notch, and when combined with Burberry’s high-quality hefty casing with magnetic closure, it is an irresistible force. Just as with all the other quads, Nude Blush is permanent so there is time to contemplate.  Personally, I am getting bored with all the purple variations out there… they inevitably result in the same sort of EOTD as the first one above.  However, the addition of a metallic copper and shimmers in the eggplant shade makes Nude Blush quite an exciting palette for the normally reserved Burberry.

xo Linda



12 responses to “Burberry Nude Blush for FW2014 Bloomsbury Girl Collection”

  1. Sil says:

    wow, it’s incredible how Nude Blush and Plum Pink look so similar in the first photo, and then they swatched so very differently!
    and isn’t it great how the waiting was worth it? Nude Blush looks so lovely! definitely better than Plum Pink 😉

  2. Nattacha says:

    Good review Linda! I love the way you describe it and the how to also. ✨

  3. Lily says:

    NOOOOO!!!!!!!! I’m so tempted, but I DON’T NEED IT! I only have Pink Taupe, and I love the subtle definition. Blogs are bad. Makes me itch. LOL!

    • silverkis says:

      Oh Lily, we never need anything anymore do we? I think the color story isn’t terribly unique for this one… but it sure is pretty!

  4. Sunny says:

    Nude Blush is gorgeous! I used to own Plum Pink but ended up swapping it out, because the shades are too satin/matte for me (I really need at least one shimmery shade for bringing some light to my eyes). Nude Blush looks like something for me though! Must check it out!

    • silverkis says:

      Hi Sunny! I’m totally with you on the at least 1 shimmery shade thing! Mattes / Satins are nice but they make my eyes look drab and lifeless sometimes. Cant wait to see what you think about Nude Blush!

  5. Noodles says:

    Beautiful look!! Nude Blush was sold out at my local counter, so I’m on the waitlist for the next shipment, ugh. I agree that NB is more exciting and perhaps easier to use than the plum pink.

  6. Hi Linda, I am so glad you liked Nude Blush. I am seriously loving mine. My favorite shade must be the copper and it looks so nice on you too (I believe it is the second eye look).

    • silverkis says:

      Hi Sara, i wasn’t even looking at Burberry Fall until you featured it!! Yes I love the copper shade, and it makes this palette much more interesting than if it were just another brown.

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