Burberry Nail Polish #425 Ink Blue

September 22, 2014

As part of the Bloomsbury Girls Collection for FW2014, Burberry has released 6 nail polish shades that are inspired by the Fall 2014 Prorsum runway collection.  1 of them is a re-promote of their popular Oxblood nail polish, and the other 5 are brand new.  There is even a special collector’s edition which consists of all 6 shades in a box.

burberry FW2014 limited edition nail polish set

Whilst they look gorgeous placed side by side, upon deeper contemplation, I really only loved 1 shade… and it is #425 Ink Blue.

Burberry Nail Polish 425 Ink Blue swatch

Burberry Nail Polish $425 Ink Blue is a very deep blue that is almost black but with a tinge of smokey charcoal.  It comes with an extra wide brush which I find rather tricky to work around the base of my nails.  Also, the formula is somewhat more watery and thinner, requiring 2 coats to be completely opaque.  But it dries fairly quickly, and leaves a beautiful shiny finish.

Burberry Nail Polish 425 Ink Blue NOTD

Burberry Ink Blue is very chic and meets my dark Fall sensibilities.  It stays lastingly shiny, but it tended to chip after 2 days (on comparison YSL and Dior polishes would only start to wear gently at the edges by the 3rd day).

This is my first Burberry nail polish, and I can’t say that this is major love for me.  Ink Blue is probably the most complex of the shades presented this fall, the rests feel somewhat flat to me.  Combined with the difficult brush and not particularly long-lasting formula, I may reconsider before purchasing more Burberry polishes.  Have you tried Burberry polishes, and what are your thoughts?

xo Linda

2 responses to “Burberry Nail Polish #425 Ink Blue”

  1. Noodles says:

    It’s a lovely colour for fall, but I do also think the box set as a whole isn’t worth it. I got Oxblood when it launched as a single bottle, don’t really remember how well it lasted. I really don’t like how the glass bottle looks when you take off the gunmetal cap-thing, I’m being weird but, it just turns me off! lol

    • silverkis says:

      You know what?? I thought the bottle looked weird without the cap too!! And the unusually long neck requires a slightly longer than usual brush which i think made it even more difficult to maneuver. I guess why redesign something that aint broke eh?

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