Prepare to Sizzle this Valentines’ Day with Bobbi Brown Red Hot Collection

February 13, 2017

It is nice to have Valentines’ Day to think about… there are not many occasions in the first half of the year to dress up for, and I really do enjoy putting on a nice dress, donning smokier makeup than I would normally wear, for a nice dinner with wine….  Of course, the over-the-top commercialisation and the very institution of a pre-arranged date for love, feels somewhat contrived.  But when they go low, we go high… so let’s enjoy some of the lovely pieces from the capsule Bobbi Brown Red Hot Collection today!

Bobbi Brown Red Hot Collection

Much as I love my bold colors and striking makeup, when it comes down to a formal event or dinners, I inevitably pick a neutral smokey eye.  And the new limited edition Bobbi Brown Nude Eye & Cheek Palette is not only stunning with its golden design, it makes application completely fool-proof and a breeze.

Bobbi Brown Sultry Nude Eye & Cheek Palette for Spring 2017

The palette features 4 eyeshade shades on the top with a good-sized mirror on the inside of the top cover.  The bottom pulls out to allow easy access to the blush.  No silly sponge-tipped applicators that constantly fall out and get in the way here, the arrangement is super efficient and I love it.

Bobbi Brown Sultry Nude Eye & Cheek Palette for Spring 2017

At first glance, the shades appear to pull warm, but even on my cool-toned skin, they apply beautifully and not too warm at all.

Sultry Nude Eye & Cheek Palette & Red Berry Luxe Lip Color swatches

The swatches from left to right are:

Bobbi Brown Sultry Nude Eye & Cheek Palette eye makeup

I took Bobbi Brown Sultry Nude Eye & Cheek Palette out for a whirl, and was pleasantly surprised at how incredibly easy it was to create this eye look!  I started by laying the light mauve all over the lid, followed by the dark brown on the outer third.  Next, I patted some gold on the middle of the lid, and lined the lower lash line with dark brown.  Finished by popping some pale beige on the inner corner.

Bobbi Brown Red Berry Luxe Lip Color

To pair with the Sultry Nude Eye & Cheek Palette, Bobbi Brown has repromoted several of its Luxe Lip Color lipsticks.  The one I have here is Red Berry, and it is a gorgeous neutral- to cool-toned deep raspberry red (see swatch above).  As fans know, Bobbi Brown’s Luxe Lip Color formula is richly saturated in color, creamy smooth on the lips, and super long lasting!  I’m usually hesitant to wear a bold lip color to dinners because I hate it when the lipstick transfer to my wine glasses and dining utensils, not to mention how I look with half-eaten lipsticks.  However, Red Berry proved to be so transfer-resistant, and long-lasting, that I’d happily wear it to any date!

Bobbi Brown Sultry Nude Eye & Cheek Palette and Red Berry Luxe Lip Color makeup look

Here is the full look in context, with the eye makeup look as shown earlier and the blush from Sultry Nude Eye & Cheek palette worn on my cheeks, combined with Red Berry Luxe Lip Color.  A classic combination, in my opinion, but one that never fails!  If you prefer, switch out to the nude lip and play up the drama on the eyes.  But if you are looking for a brown/gold-themed eyeshadow palette such as this, I actually found this Sultry Nude Eye & Cheek palette to be easier to work with and more flattering on my eyes than the much more expensive Tom Ford Winter Soleil Warm Palette #justsaying.

On a different, rather distressing note, I have just found out that this precious palette that I sent out last year as part of my blog giveaway still has not reached it’s intended recipient!  The entire country of Singapore is smaller than NYC, and mail volumes handled by Singpost has actually fallen over the years.  With all the automation, computerization, enhanced tracking tools that the logistic industry has at its disposal; these sort of things like lost mail shouldn’t be happening.  After more than 2 months, the only update they have is that the package has been “dispatched overseas” (read= no longer our problem).  What Singpost fails to grasp is, it is their fcking problem because they are the national postal carrier, and I am their customer.  I went down to the post office personally (so 1990s right?) only to be told to call their customer service hotline.  After 20 minutes of being bounced around on their “automated” phone system (which didn’t recognize my tracking number) and told to enter my phone number 5x and repeat my email address 2x, I was informed by the customer service staff to file a formal enquiry on their website because he was too lazy to type!  2 months is a long time, probably enough for me to walk to Canada, if I had the right shoes of course.  After a entire day of hate-tweeting, lambasting apathetic customer “service” reps on the phone, still no update.  Seriously guys, time to install google search and data-mine the sh*t out of your systems.  Because the year is 2017, and if we could send physical packages via fiber optics we would.  But not having information about the location of something that has been handed to a logistics company, that is unacceptable.  The package in question is irreplaceable imo, which makes the loss even greater.  So to quote everybody’s favourite President of the moment, “[Singpost] You’re disgusting”.

xo LindaThis post featured products that were generously provided for my consideration.  All opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased, unfiltered views.

10 responses to “Prepare to Sizzle this Valentines’ Day with Bobbi Brown Red Hot Collection”

  1. Naya says:

    This look though! Linda this lipstick is so amazing on you, must be one of the best colours I saw you wear. Stunning!

    Naya //

  2. Lisa says:

    The look you created is classic! Love it! I have my eyes on that palette-let’s see if i’ll be able to score it soon-yes my no buy or low buy month is OVER lol and oh wow your postal dilemma~ sounds super frustrating! Kinda sounds like postal drama i used to experience back in Canada-whereas in Korea postal service is out of this world amazing!

  3. Elena says:

    Ooooh, that’s elegant and classy! This red lip is gorgeous, but I love the eyeshadows too! have a wonderful Valentine’s dear! xx

  4. Lyna says:

    Wow! That red!!!
    It’s absolutely stunning!
    Happy valentine’s day!!

  5. Lily says:

    I thought our postal service is hopeless. Sorry to hear you and your giveaway winner had to go through that. Did you know that it takes at least a week for parcels to reach here from Singapore? I’d already receive things from the UK and Singapore is just next door!! Hahaha!
    And you look great in this lip colour!! I don’t like to wear bold lipstick to dinner either, because I’d like to eat and not worry about it. If I wear a nude lip, I could just eat all my lipstick, no worries 😀

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