Bobbi Brown Holiday 2016 Gift Giving Collection – Swatches!

November 17, 2016

Hi my loves!  I was barely getting my feet under me, but now work beckons and I’m spending this week in Hong Kong.  There are lots of amazing Holiday 2016 goodies that I still have to show you, so this is going to be a picture-heavy post with the relevant swatches and information, as well as my personal top picks.  Bobbi Brown has been wowing me lately with all their celebratory collections, and this season there will be not 1, but 2 top-notch collections to drool over.  Let me start with the Bobbi Brown Gift Giving Collection today!

bobbi brown holiday 2016 gift giving collection

The holiday season is always great for all the wonderful sets that not only make great gift ideas, but are also a smart way to experience some of the best skincare products around!  And this year, Bobbi Brown has released 2 skincare sets featuring deluxe-sized minis that are perfect for travel.


Bobbi To The Rescue Detox & Hydrate Set [SGD115] features a full-sized Instant Detox Mask to eliminate all those post-party stress from the skin, and travel-sized miniatures of the Long Wear Makeup Remover, Hydrating Rich Cream Cleanser, Hydrating Face Tonic, Hydrating Eye Cream and Hydrating Face Cream.  Essentially all you will need to thoroughly remove all traces of makeup and grime, and re-hydrate skin to protect and keep it looking plumped throughout this season!

Bobbi Brown Party Prep Skincare Set

Party Prep Skincare Set [SGD135] is another great option to get your skin ready for makeup, ensuring everything looks perfect and lasts all night.  It includes a generous-sized Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm and Lip Balm with SPF15; and deluxe travel minis of Hydrating Eye Cream in a tube, Radiance Boost Mask, and Extra Hand Cream.

Bobbi Brown Travel Brush Set for Holiday 2016

One of the first things I zoomed in on was this Travel Brush Set [SGD260].  This is a 6-piece portable brush set that contains a foundation buffing brush, angled powder brush, large eyeshadow shader, medium angled eyeshadow, eyeliner brush, and a dual-ended eye liner & groomer brush.  I am in love with the burgundy and gold touches here, although I think the handles are plastic rather than wood.  The lining of the brush case is suede which feels nice and luxe.

bobbi browns party picks for Holiday 2016

Another thing I love about the holiday season are all the cool stocking stuffers, and especially when they come in special limited edition shades!  The Bobbi Brown’s Party Picks consists of a 4-piece set of makeup and 1 patent vinyl pouch.  Included are Opal Glow highlighter, Party Alice Lipstick, Mascara and a mini clear lip gloss with multi-coloured shimmers.  Here are the swatches (all except the mascara) for your reference:

Bobbi Browns Party Picks swatches

I didn’t swatch the mascara, but it is the standard black as you may imagine.

Bobbi Brown Golden Eye Palette Shadow & Mascara for Holiday 2016

The Golden Eye Shadow Palette & Mascara [SGD63] is a really handy little thing that will get you ready for any party in a jiffy.  It has a matte base shade to even out skin tone and set undereye concealer, a black liner shade that can also be used as a darkening base over which to pat on the pale metallic golden shade.  Here are the swatches:

Bobbi Brown Golden Eye Palette Shadow & Mascara for Holiday 2016

I also enjoy having a dual-ended brush with a dense, flat tip for applying liner and a fluffier side for blending eyeshadow.  The enclosed mini black mascara perfects the look, and is useful to have in the purse for taming stray hairs too!

Bobbi Brown Glow To Go Blush & Illuminate and Brightening Brick

For the cheeks, choose between (one or both) the Glow to Go Blush & Illuminate [SGD55] and Brightening Brick [SGD78].  The first is a lovely cool-toned pink satin blush palette that also houses a deluxe-sized miniature platinum liquid illuminator.  The second is one of Bobbi Brown’s recently released Brightening Bricks in a limited edition black and gold packaging.

Here are the swatches:

Bobbi Brown Glow To Go Blush & Illuminate and Brightening Brick swatches

For palette lovers, Bobbi Brown has 2 interesting ones for you this season!

Bobbi Brown Cool Dusk Eye Palette for Holiday 2016

Bobbi Brown Cool Dusk Eye Palette [SGD90] is a pocket-friendly slim palette consisting of 5 eyeshadows that complement everything to perfection.  Running hues of beige, taupe, grey and black; this palette gets you from a day in the office to after hours parties.

Bobbi Brown Cool Dusk Eye Palette for Holiday 2016 swatches

I had quite a bit of difficulty swatching the black liner shade with my finger, but when applied with the dense flat end of the dual-sided brush, it lines my eyes well without crumbling or fading into oblivious.  The other shades, especially the beige and taupe are just beautiful

Bobbi Brown Party To Go Eye & Lip Palette for Holiday 2016

The Party To Go Eye and Lip Palette [SGD63] is one of the best makeup buys from this collection as it packs 4 beautifully complementary eyeshadow shades along with a  deluxe-sized True Rose lipstick!

Bobbi Brown Party To Go Eye & Lip Palette for Holiday 2016 swatches

The eyeshadows here all swatch easily and beautifully, and the enclosed lipstick is the perfect warm-toned rose wood for a touch of subtle glamour.

Bobbi Brown 25th Anniversary Lip Collection for Holiday 2016

Finally we come to the piece de resistance of this collection – The 25th Anniversary Lip Collection!  This set of miniature lipsticks feature the original 10 shades that Bobbi Brown first released, and are specially mixed to suit almost any skin tone and occasion!  It comes in a luxurious leather case with a magnetic closure, and lined with red velvet.

Bobbi Brown 25th Anniversary Lip Collection for Holiday 2016

Here are the swatches:

Bobbi Brown 25th Anniversary Lip Collection for Holiday 2016 swatches

This stunning set retails at SGD170 which is a steal in my opinion, and a true collector’s item as well as the perfect Christmas gift for the makeup lover.  It is available in very limited quantities though, and if you spot any of it still around do not miss out!!

Overall, I am in awe with Bobbi Brown’s Holiday 2016 Gift Giving Collection.  There are so many options for every budget and interests, so be sure to check it out now!

xo Linda


4 responses to “Bobbi Brown Holiday 2016 Gift Giving Collection – Swatches!”

  1. Alison says:

    The lipstick set is to die for. I love the BB color choices. I also have an earlier brick in cool neutral tones and it has remained my go-to winter setting palette over the moisturizers I use more heavily in cold weather. This will be my third season with it. Bobbi’s products are classics.

  2. Lily says:

    Ah thanks for the swatches. I’ve fallen back in love with Bobbi Brown and bought some of her older un-hyped permanent items. They’re gold! I’ve been using them every day since I got them. If I didn’t have so many lipsticks sitting in my drawer, I’d buy the anniversary lip collection in a heartbeat!

    • silverkis says:

      That lipstick set is really good value for money! Imagine $17 for a lipstick, and each one is a good size too, not those dinky ones that break easily! There are some really amazing stuff this season, and I think the quality has improved. So excited!!

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