Black Box July 2013 unveiled!

July 29, 2013

Hi all!  I’m dog-tired but wanted to do a quick update on July’s Black Box!!  In case you hadn’t heard, Black Box (not to be confused with the Little Black BeautyBox last reviewed here) is a FREE sample box which is sent to a select group of subscribers, and is very limited in quantity!  I’ve been on the waitlist forever, and this is my very first box!  So yeah, not the most ahead of the curve maybe, but it still gives me a rush… who doesn’t love free stuff??

Black Box is somewhat different from the other subscription boxes out there, as it is not just about beauty.  It also includes lifestyle and other useful items.  So, let’s take a look shall we?

Black Box July contents

Clockwise from top left:

To be completely honest, this Black Box had me going humpf…! rather loudly.  But, this bears repeating, the Black Box is completely free!  There is nothing here that I wouldn’t use, well maybe except the Take5ive drink (just because I don’t take energy drinks, not even red bull) but el hubs can probably guzzle it down like a man without blinking.  If you, like me, love a good surprise and a bunch of freebies to perk up your day, sign up for the Black Box at!

Chin up, it’s Monday people!!!

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