Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Cream in Crush

April 25, 2014

For the longest time I’ve been searching for safer alternatives to lip colors. If there is 1 beauty product that truly needs to be natural and green, it has to be something with the highest probability of being ingested. And so I was ecstatic to try Bite Beauty, whose essence of being is to create lipstick that is healthy enough to eat! Everything is handcrafted one at a time in small batches; and the formula boasts of natural and organic ingredients to provide nourishing, restorative benefits. It helps too that Bite Beauty is produces on-trend, edgy colors and products!

Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Cream in Crush


The Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Cream is a cream-to-powder matte lip product that comes in a tube with sponge applicator. In theory it is reminiscent of Shu Uemura’s Tint in Gelato and YSL’s Kiss & Blush, although the Cashmere Lip Cream is meant solely for the lips and not cheeks. It is intensely pigmented, so insanely intense it beats even the Dior Addict Fluid Sticks in pigmentation. In terms of texture, it is creamy, but applies smoothly straight from the applicator, far better than the Shu Uemura’s Tint in Gelato. It also retains enough slip in it so it is comfortable to wear, and remains so for the 5-6 hours this lasts on me. Yes, this has far longer lasting power than any other lip products I have tested so far, and perfect for lounging by the poolside sipping mohjitos!

Crush is a reddish coral that is nearly neon on me, and looks even more vibrant due to the intense pigmentation. So I prefer thinning it out using a lip brush than to apply full-on using the applicator. It learns warm on me, and has a satin finish which eventually dries down to a powdery finish after 1-2 hours. As with all matte lip products, this tends to show up the lines on my lips more, but it does not fall within the lines and leave a crackly look, nor does it migrate outside of my lips.

Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Cream lip swatch


I am in love with my Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Cream and I really wish Sephora Singapore will bring these in soon! For now, Bite Beauty is only available online via Sephora US for those of us living abroad!


0 responses to “Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Cream in Crush”

  1. I love Bite Beauty. That shade is so pretty, I want it! 🙂

  2. mjacqueline says:

    Wow, this shade really looks lovely on you Linda. You look very good with bright lips. Love!

  3. D... says:

    I’ve been thinking about this brand quite a bit. I think I took it for granted as there is a Sephora with this line just three miles from my home. It is a pain that they make it difficult for people to get a hold of some products. I see a few Asian and European products that are not launched here in the US. And I have to buy Shu products sight unseen as they have pulled their line from physical locations.

    • silverkis says:

      Oh lucky gal with Bite just 3miles from you!! Yeah it’s tough to buy things sight unseen… But thankfully the Internet makes things so much easier isn’t it?!

      • D... says:

        I am just glad that wonderful folks like you are so kind enough to swatch. I want to try out those Gelato Tints but I couldn’t decide, I still can’t decide. I am waiting for that new eye lash curler from Shu. Maybe it will be a nice change from their original one.

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