Benefit Rockateur Box o’ Powder Blush vs Chanel Accent

December 3, 2013

I was on a blush frenzy recently (amongst many other things), and decided to pick up Benefit Rockateur Blush at the last Sephora VIB 20% event.  It was a pure impulse purchase based almost solely on how cheap it was (compared to the insanely-marked-up RRP in Singapore) after discount, as I had not even seen the product in person prior to this.  And so, it was with absolutely no expectations, that I was blown away by this little box o’ dynamite.

Benefit Rockateur

Described as a “rose gold” blush, Rockateur appears mauve-ish to me, with equal parts brown, beige and pink.  It is warm-toned and has a satin finish.  The texture is finely-milled and gives a natural wash of color to my cheeks without clinging onto pores.  It is a baked product, so it feels slightly harder to the touch, and does require a denser cheek brush to pick up.  But it is fairly pigmented and stays throughout the day.

The day I opened it up and took a good look, my mind immediately wandered to Chanel Accent (reviewed here).

Benefit Rockateur vs Chanel Accent

Both Rockateur and Accent have the same nude-ish color tone, shimmer overcast and satin finish.  However, when swatched, Rockateur is clearly more rosy.

Benefit Rockateur vs Chanel accent swatches

Not a clear dupe, but if I really had to pick 1, my personal preference will sway towards Rockateur as I find it “prettier”.  Or if you are so inclined and have to have both in your collection, then you could wear Rockateur on the apples of your cheeks, and Accent just under the cheekbones for sculpting!

The reason why I hesitated to even check Rockateur out when it was first launched, was because I did not like the carton packaging.  I generally avoid carton packaging as they don’t last in our humidity, and I find it bulky and not travel-resilient.  But it does come with a nice cheek brush that is somewhat unique – it is slanted at the edges to sweep gently across the curves of the cheeks.  I personally prefer using my own cheek brush, and I find the deep box to be somewhat annoying.  However, at SGD46 (or in my case, I paid USD22.40!!) for 5gm, I can’t really complain.

Benefit Rockateur vs Chanel accent swatches


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  1. Lena L says:

    thanks for the comparison and review! they are quite close to each other!
    i find this color is sexy yet edgy. 🙂

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