Bellabox March 2013: Spring in your step

March 17, 2013

Can you believe we are nearing the end of March already?!  If I lived in a colder climate, I’d be celebrating spring by packing away my coats.  Instead, I get to unveil yet another edition of Bellabox (which is far more fun!) *yay*!!  Actually, I received this at the Bellabox Bloggers’ Event at the beginning of the month, but thought I should let them complete the unveiling happening on their website.  That also gave me time to test out each of the items, making this *hopefully*a more interesting read!

Bellabox March 2013

This month’s theme is “Spring in your Step“, and the box is curated to bring a fresh wave to your beauty routine.

Vichy Bi-White Med 

I have a complex relationship with Vichy.  Throughout the last decade, I have tried one after another, but have been disappointed.  Regardless, I keep going back to the brand.  There is something I find quite appealing about the clean, modern packaging; and of course the thermal water ingredient.  So, I was happy to find 2 new items from Vichy’s Bi-White Med range.  This line of products is specially designed for the Asian market, and is suitable for sensitive skin.  Containing the DRM-WHITE and Ceremide White ™ + LHA technologies, Vichy promises to whiten the skin on both the inner and outer layers of the skin.

I received 3 sachets of Vichy Bi-White Med Essence, which targets issues such as pigmentation, dullness, skin tone, texture, redness and dehydration.  This is a milky white fluid that smells beautifully.  It is light and absorbed easily on my skin.  Vichy promises this to provide 24hr hydration, but I think it would be ideal to layer on a light moisturizer.

And the perfect companion is Vichy Bi-White Med Replumping Gel-Cream.  Oh, i absolutely adore this soufflé-light texture!  Comprising of peony and 5 other essential oils, this gel-cream smells divine!  Just like the essence, this absorbs quickly and provides a boost of hydration.  When applied on my neck (the true test of a product’s moisturizing ability i think), the skin is instantly plumper, lines are greatly reduced.

Dr Ci:Labo

Having tried and loved the Aqua-collagen-gel, I was excited to find the Dr Ci:Labo Super Cleansing EX.  This cleaned my skin well, leaving it feeling comfortable.  However, I feel a truly spectacular cleanser needed to wow the senses too.  I was a little disappointed to find this was a gel texture that took a bit of massaging to work over the entire face.  Unfortunately, I am a little partial to foam cleansers.  There is also a tinge of medicinal scent, which detracts somewhat.  Lastly, unlike my HG SKII foam cleanser, the Dr Ci:Labo Super Cleansing EX did not leave my skin radiant and luminous.  So even though it worked well, it is *meh* for me.

The Dr. Ci:Labo BB Perfect Cream White 377+ promises to provide all the benefits of a typical BB cream in a waterproof formula.  Containing White 377, otherwise known as Phenylethyl resorcinol, this Dr. Ci:Labo BB cream promises to brighten and inhibit the production of melanin much more effectively than others.  Sadly, the color just didn’t work for me… making me look somewhat ashen.  However, the waterproof property ensured the BB cream stay on my face for most of my day without sliding off or turning too oily as most BB creams are prone to do.

Lemongrass House Shower Gel

Included in my box was a small bottle of Lemongrass House Shower Gel.  This is carefully blended by hand and made fresh to order using natural ingredients.  It is also paraben and sulfate-free without any preservatives.  I loved the warm lemongrass scent, and the gel texture was fun to use in the shower.  Would love to add this to my shower collection!

Pure DKNY: A Drop of Rose

The latest addition to the pureDKNY family, A Drop of Rose contains the Damascene Rose from Turkey.  Each Damascene rose is painstakingly handpicked and follows a generation-old process of distillation to extract the essential oil.  I love the fact that DKNY has partnered with CARE to lift women out of poverty!  The packaging is also entirely made of recycled glass & aluminum, and biodegradable boxes.

I actually have a few of these sample vials and would love to gift them out to my followers!  Drop me a note if you would like to own one!  Due to border restrictions, afraid I can only send these out to Singapore-based ladies.

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