1st ever Bellababy box is here!!!

October 20, 2012

I was incredibly excited when I heard that Bellabox was launching a special limited edition “Bellababy box“, targeted at mothers, mothers-to-be and infants.  Ever since I found out I am pregnant, and looking at the bumper crop of dragon babies this year, i’ve been thinking that somebody should do something like this!  There are just so many baby products out there, how is a young mother supposed to know what works?  And with all the demands of a young infant, who has time / extra cash to spend on thousands of products?  So, i was ecstatic when the Bellababy box was launched today!!  Even more honored when Bellabox invited me to review it!!

The Bellababy Box comes in a very cute, gender-neutral box…i especially loved the mummy & baby elephant motives at the bottom!

Contained inside, are all sorts of goodies to pamper both baby and mummy – how incredibly thoughtful!  The baby products featured here are all established brands, so mummies can go ahead and try it on their precious ones with confidence.

The baby products featured are:


This must be one of the most popular baby product brands in the market today, and I find it regularly in all sorts of baby hampers and featured in every major kids’ departmental store.  The trial pack consists of a very thoughtful selection of Mustela’s key products:


I really love BUDS because it’s certified organic by EGOCERT, the company uses recyclable packaging, AND it’s sooo cute!!!  The products featured include:


Apart from caring for our demanding little bundles, Bellababy reminds all mummies to set aside time to have fun with their precious ones!  Contained here is a sample wooden toy from ePloof!, part of a set from Japanese Designer Mastro Geppetto.  Made from quality cedar wood, this baby kangaroo smelled wonderful!  I also loved the soft wood texture, and the rounded curves of this toy.  My only little concern is how tiny it is (about the length of my thumb), and how it *may* pose a chocking hazard for young kids.

Now turning to pampering treats for mummies!!


When I first saw the marketing materials for this Bellababy Box, my attention was immediately drawn to this!  Audrey Christian is newly launched in Singapore, and is currently sold at Guardian Pharmacies and Sasa.  Apart from Push Up, it also has Venetrim, which has been such a godsend for me in my last trimester for easing aching calf muscles and cramps.  Made from natural ingredients, Push Up is intended to help tone tummy/breasts/thighs and prevent stretch marks!  This is the actual full-sized product which is worth $129!


I had been looking forward to testing out Caudalie’s Vinosource range of products, and this deluxe sample made me very happy indeed.  Made with Caudalie’s patented Organic Grape Water, this serum smells heavenly and has an amazing lightweight feeling that is quickly absorbed.  This would be truly handy for maintaining my poor skin that has been tired out from lack of sleep and just general hormonal imbalance.


One of the sad side effects of pregnancy is cellulite…*gasp*.  No matter how much walking, trying to eat healthily… these buggers have managed to creep up my thighs!  Needless to say, this cellulite-buster is going to be top on my list!!


And finally, Bellababy Box has included this pink twist band with the tongue-in-cheek title of “Haute Mamma”!  Almost as a reminder to never stop being gorgeous!

AMAZING!  This is one of the most comprehensive boxes i’ve ever seen!  I must admit, I was a little apprehensive when I first found out it was priced at $39.95, but it is truly worth it!  In fact, prior to writing this review, I have put in 2 additional orders to gift my friends (yes, i am THAT KIASU)!!  Thank you Bellabox for launching this fantastic product, and i sincerely hope you will keep this up!  Perhaps, we could curate a box of brands that are not currently available locally but which are cult favs in the US and Australia?!

To find out more about Bellababy Box and to order one for yourself, please head over to http://bellabox.sg/bellababy-box.html.  Remember, this is limited edition, so hurry!

4 responses to “1st ever Bellababy box is here!!!”

  1. Jae says:

    I see so many boxes around and i want to sign up for one to bad, but i dont know which one to sign up for haha
    Aww this is such a cute idea for expecting mothers! I love the design. Very very pretty.
    Wow! I didn’t realize there were so many products for infants :3 how adorable!
    o.o wow I’d never heard of a push-up before. I will remember this for some day in the future!


    • silverkis says:

      Hi Jae, are you based in Singapore? If so, the popular ones are Vanitytrove and Bellabox. I have just reviewed both of their most recent boxes, feel free to check them out!

      • Jae says:

        I’m in the US (unfortunately-Haha) I hear so many wonderful things about singapore though. I can’t wait to travel there some day. I did notice VanityTrouve does international shipping? I thought about signing up for that one. Super excited!

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