Beauty expiration

October 3, 2012

I had a rude awakening recently when I received a couple of rather dated cosmetic products, an eyeshadow palette and a lip gloss from a particular UK brand.  Whilst i’m not always the most vigilant about expiration dates, and often keep products in my stash far longer than i should, it really bothered me when the brand distributor and the distributor that sent me those items insisted their shelf lives were 5 years (2 years more than the usual recommended 3 year).  I mean, come on, lip gloss are made to be ingested…would you eat a bag of chips that has been stored away in goodness-knows-where for that long a period??  And if, the products really were made to outlast their competitors by 2 whole years, I wonder how much preservatives & parabens it contains?  Not to mention, who wants to sport a look from 3 years ago?!

Anyway, I did some research, and here is a list of suggested expiration dates for those of you who care!

Using expired cosmetics can result in quite sad consequences: skin irritation, dermatitis, allergic reactions and infection…none of us need that!  This can be caused by microorganisms and dirt which can get into the cosmetic product once it has been opened, or due to using the product after specified “Use by” date.  At the very best, the products lose their pigmentation and staying ability which can be very frustrating to use.  Do note that most products contain a symbol of an opened jar bearing a number followed by the letter M, which indicates the period you can keep the product after opening.  Do junk those that have been left open too long too!

2 responses to “Beauty expiration”

  1. Theresa Chang says:

    Is there a method to preserve organic blush or ANY makeup products far longer than the expiration date?

    • silverkis says:

      Hi i’m afraid any form of preservative is not recommended. I know lots of women use powders past their expirations, but I would advice caution. Liquids and creams are definitely no-no. Anyway, it’s probably time to get something new!

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