Where I Shop for Makeup in Singapore…Tips & Tricks Included!

June 7, 2014

I always get asked by readers and Instagram followers where I get certain things from. Others assume beauty bloggers get sent all sorts of stuff for free all the time and whip up reviews from thin air (i.e. copy and paste)… this cannot be farther from the truth. I am first and foremost, a beauty addict (obsessed, maniac, crazy, etc), and spend untold lunch hours prowling the malls.  Even if all the brands are sending me stuff, I will still be out there prowling.  And it is in spending time swatching and talking to the BAs that I got to know them better, and picked up some tips and tricks from them.

One of my favorite shopping destinations is a specific section of Level B2 of Ion Orchard, which is home to a fabulous selection of beauty brands!  Highly coveted brands such as Chanel, YSL, Dior, Bobbi Brown, Shu Uemura, Estee Lauder and Crabtree & Evelyn have their marquee boutiques (yes, boutiques! Not mere counters in impersonal departmental stores!) here.  It is super convenient for me because it is mere paces away from Orchard MRT, making it a hop and skip away from my office.

Ion B2

Each of these boutiques are special not just because of the privacy and exclusivity that comes with having their proprietary spaces, but the latest collections tend to be launched here first (1-2 weeks ahead of the other counters), and if there are any limited edition items they tend to be found in the boutiques here.  Some brands also offer special products and services here that are not available elsewhere.  I had the chance to visit with 3 of my favorite brands located at Ion B2 recently, and would love to share some make-up tips and tricks from their in-house makeup artists with you.

YSL Beaute [Ion Orchard #B2-34]

YSL Beaute Ion Singapore

YSL is one of my favorite brands, and you can find me at this boutique at Ion frequently. This was the first stand alone YSL Beaute boutique to open in Southeast Asia, the store was renovated recently and now boasts a larger space than before.  Apart from the sexy and opulent reflective black and gold interior, this particular boutique is home to their National Makeup Artist Francis Lim.  Francis, along with all of the YSL BAs I’ve gotten to know, are some of the friendliest and most personable in town.  You can also get 1-on-1 tutoring on makeup, makeovers, and skincare consultations here (by appointment only).

Some tips I picked up from Francis recently:

YSL foundation application

YSL kiss & blush application

YSL highlighting technique

YSL final look

And here is the completed look created by Francis, a completely fresh day-appropriate look featuring flawless natural skin and a very soft smokey eye paired with nude cheeks and lips.

YSL EOTD Couture Palette

A closer look at the soft smokey eye created using the new YSL Couture Palette #7 Parisienne.

Estee Lauder [Ion Orchard #B2-42]

Ion Estee Lauder store front

This is the latest boutique to unveil at Ion Level B2.  I must admit I don’t dabble with Estee Lauder products quite as much as they deserve, mostly because they seem to just fly under the radar of bloggerville.  Regardless, I have enjoyed some of their skincare products (review on the Nutritious range here; and Advanced Night Repair here) and makeup (reviews are in the pipeline!).  The Estee Lauder boutique at Ion is crisp and elegant, products are immaculately displayed, and the BAs here are all very knowledgeable and friendly.  There is also a beautiful lounge at the back of the store for private consultations.

Estee Lauder Private room

During my visit, the lovely Alyssa (member of Estee Lauder’s Global Artistry team) was on hand to demonstrate some of Estee Lauder’s signature 3-minute makeover techniques.  Here are some tips I gleaned from the session:

Estee Lauder eye contour highlighting technique

Estee Lauder highlighting technique

And here is a half-faced look to show the contrast of using all the techniques discussed above.  Notice how much more luminous the skin is from patting on ANR and the much more sculpted features from highlighting.

EL Half-faced Final Look

Dior Backstage Studio [Ion Orchard #B2-44/46]

Ion Dior Backstage

This is by far the most exciting beauty boutique at Ion, and the reason why I keep coming back to this mall.  The Backstage Studio is a completely different concept from the rest of the Dior counters, and stock many exclusive products such as the Dior Backstage Box (Spring-Summer 2014 edition reviewed here), the Airflash Foundation, several nail polishes and eyeshadow singles.

Dior display

There are only a handful of these stores around the world, and it is designed to replicate the atmosphere of a fashion show. With giant screens airing the latest Dior runway show, and changing strobe lights, this is a fun playground for beauty-holics.

Dior nail bar

There is a giant nail wheel featuring every Dior Vernis ever produced, and a cozy station for complimentary manicures with every 2 nail lacquers purchased.

Dior Lash station

There is even a lash bar where you can try on exquisite runway lashes.

Dior Fragrance store

Enter a short tunnel at the back of the store and emerge on the other side dedicated to Dior skincare and fragrances (Obviously the sequence is reversed if you entered from this side instead!)  The fragrance bar is decked out with all sorts of exclusive scents, and with 2 specialty corners dedicated to J’Adore and Miss Dior.

Dior Backstage Studio is home to 4 Dior national makeup artists.  I had the chance to get a mini makeover from Han at another event before and he is amazing.  This time round, I watched Vivian work her magic and picked up a couple of tips:

Dior Backstage Store Makeup Demo by Vivian


Thank you for making it through this long read, I hope the above tips and tricks have been useful for updating your beauty routine!  As always, if you’d like any help getting hold of some elusive items, feel free to reach out.  Lastly, I would also like to thank Ion Orchard for organizing and hosting me on this amazing journey!


11 responses to “Where I Shop for Makeup in Singapore…Tips & Tricks Included!”

  1. Gladys says:

    Hi I’m a beginner at makeup so I’m not ready to invest on expensive products without having try them on. But I really want to know beauty advices on makeup tips for example matching the right foundation etc. So I want to know if it’s okay to go in to these boutiques and beauty counter for help without actually buying anything on that day. I’m really shy and kind of feel bad but I really want to start makeup on the right track. Do you have any advice or tips on approaching make up counters?

    • silverkis says:

      Hi Gladys, it’s definitely ok to ask for help from those beauty advisors!! That’s what they are there for! And never feel pressured into buying anything if you don’t like the product. Especially with foundation, I think it’s important to walk out into the sunlight to check on the match, and to wear it throughout the day to see how well it sits on your skin over time. From my experience, BAs are more likely to help you if you are specific about what you’re looking for. They do need to make a sale too, so if there’s only 1 BA on duty, and / or the store is busy, it’s hard to get their full attention. If you’re unsure how to apply eye makeup for example, just say I’m interested in this palette but can you show me how to make it work on my eyes?

  2. Sil says:

    wow, what a fun post! I’m in awe of all those beauty boutiques! I knew we got really poor beauty counters here, but I never saw how sad they really were 🙁
    It must be so much fun to spend hours there, looking and swatching and talking. And buying too, of course!

    • silverkis says:

      Aww… sorry to hear the beauty counters near you are not as fun…. yes, the awesome setup and exclusive boutique design makes a big difference to the whole experience! If you ever plan a trip to Asia, be sure to stop by and say hi!!!

  3. Eileen says:

    What an enjoyable post! I get just as much pleasure in reading about other people’s beauty adventures as I do in experiencing them for myself. And, all your wonderful pictures really brought your forays to life. When you find a great makeup artist who also loves to teach clients new techniques and tricks of the trade as well as showcasing the latest products, then you’ve found a real gem.

    • silverkis says:

      Thank you Eileen! That means so much to me! I never really know if such non-product focused sort of posts will go down well, especially since they take so much more time to write! Yes, I love going to chat with the makeup artists and BAs and some have become good friends!

      • Lilian says:

        Yes I have a few SA good frens as well. It is just the matter of talking with the same interest and same mind. Interestingly, we understand each other so quickly!

  4. A superb post, great photos. Maybe you can write also in the title (where to shop for beauty in Singapore) and travelers can also enjoy this post. Me, I can only now book a flight and come! All sounds so exciting :-****

  5. Lilian says:

    Linda, always love your blog. Such a great and enjoyable read honestly. This will be my guide to shop in SG. i am more particular with customer service when I shop especially beauty products at the counters and boutiques. Thanks again to a wonderful information!

    • silverkis says:

      Thank you so much for your kind comment, Lilian! Really touches me that you enjoy reading my work! xx The customer service at Ion is one of the best, across all the boutiques I’ve shopped at. Certainly worth your while to check it out if you’re ever in town… and be sure to give me a call!!!

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