Aveseena Honeyactive Beauty Mask

July 3, 2017

There’s nothing like coming home after a week’s exposure to cold, blustery “summer” in Germany.  A deep cleanse is definitely in order, but it needs to gentle and respectful of the delicate state of my skin, sensitized by air travel.  And I couldn’t have been happier than with Aveseena’s Honeyactive Beauty Mask!

Aveseena Honeyactive Beauty Mask

Aveseena is a young cult-beauty brand from the US that combines innovation with cutting-edge science.  All of Aveseena’s products are formulated with 100% naturally-derived ingredients, and completely free from harmful chemicals.  Every single ingredient that goes into each product is carefully and transparently listed on the label, and natural organic or wild-crafted ingredients sourced from sustainable farming operations are used wherever possible.  As the brand is founded by an immunologist and team of cosmetic scientists, their commitment to health and safety far surpasses than any other brands, and all ingredients that have harmful endocrinal disruptor characteristics and or the possibility of disrupting hormonal balance in our bodies have been eliminated (see the H-free commitment here).

Aveseena Honeyactive Beauty Mask

I was most intrigued by the Aveseena Honeyactive Beauty Mask because of its thick cocooning texture, and tantalizing scent.  I am usually apprehensive about clay masks because of their tendency to dry out my skin and cause patches of sensitivity to emerge.  Aveseena’s Honeyactive Mask addresses this problem by enveloping the skin with a rich blend of honey and botanical oils to soften, nourish and rehydrate the skin.  The thick texture helps to drive the capillary action of fine kaolin clay in the mask, drawing out impurities trapped within the skin.

Aveseena Honeyactive Beauty Mask ingredients

At first touch, the Aveseena Honeyactive Beauty Mask may feel rather unwieldy, but it quickly softens with body temperature, and you can gently warm it up between your fingers before applying.  I like to put on a thick layer about 1-2 times a week, leave on for 10 minutes (the thick texture ensures it doesn’t drip!); and then taking a few drops of water, I gently massage my face in circular motion before rinsing off completely.  There are some tiny physical bits in the mask that helps to exfoliate.  I am always surprised by how much brighter and softer my skin looks and feels after the mask!

Find out more and shop Aveseena to your heart’s content at https://www.aveseena.com/ [unaffiliated link].

This post featured a product that was kindly sent for my consideration.  Regardless all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.



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