Pencil Eyeliner III: Affordable Asian Brands!

March 8, 2014

Hellooo!!!  It’s been such a long while since my last “Quest for the Perfect Pencil Eyeliner” post!  My apologies for the long hiatus as I got temporarily side-tracked, but I am back on this last episode with some amazing Asian brands, that are both easy on the eyes and on the pocket!!  I may have gotten a bit carried away with some of these, and I really must thank my beauty soulmate – you know who you are – for relentlessly pushing me on this quest and showering me with tons!  So, instead of 1 or 2 shades from each line, I have a bunch to show you!


Solone is a Taiwanese brand that shot to fame for its waterproof pencil eyeliners.  And in a mere 3 years, the company has expanded its product offerings to include many other types of eye pencils, eyeshadows, foundations, etc.  There are 2 types of pencils that I’ve tried from the brand that I’m really very fond of:

Solone Gel Like Smoody Pencils

Solone Gel Like Smoody Pencils have the smoothness and ease of application of some of the better pencils in the world, surpassing all of the mid-range western branded pencils here, but not quite as soft and smooth as the kohls.  They set within 30 seconds, and then are fairly budge-proof.  On my impossible lids, they stay on my lower waterline for a good 6 hours before fading away.

Solone Gel Like Smoody Pencil swatches

The main draw for me are these gorgeous colors and SHIMMERS!!!  The pencils come with a angled rubber smudge tip on the other end, so you can smudge the color out for an all-over shimmery eye look before they set.

Solone Rose Garden Gel Waterproof Eyeliner

Solone’s gel pencils also come in a more waterproof version, the one pictured above is from the Rose Garden Gel Eyeliner series.  They are much more water resistant than the Smoody Pencils and last longer on my lower waterline.  However, I found they are not as soft as the Smoodies, although still fairly smooth and well pigmented.  The only reason I did not pick up more, is because this range does not come with glitters – my drug.

Solone gel pencil eyeliners retail from SGD11.90 (approx. USD9) onwards, and are available here.  They are also available at Sasa and John Little outlets in Singapore.

Innisfree x Jill Stuart Gel Eyeliner

Innisfree x Jill Stuart gel eyeliner pencils

Innisfree from Korea is known for its nature-inspired products that are gentle on the skin.  For Summer 2013, the brand collaborated with Jill Stuart Beauty, a Japanese brand, to turn out these wonderful gel pencil eyeliners.  It seems these may be a permanent offering now as they are still available on counters and online.  I fell in love with these gel eyeliners the moment I tried them because they are so creamy, and so cute!!  They are almost as creamy as kohls, and the color intensity is amazing.  And of course, the glitter!

Innisfree x Jill Stuart gel eyeliner pencils swatches

The only downside with these Innisfree x Jill Stuart Gel Eyeliners is their longevity which seems to vary amongst the shades.  The black goes off within 4-5 hours, but the champagne lasts throughout the day.  Also, these don’t seem to set and become completely budge-proof.  Even after waiting a few minutes, I was able to rub them into a good-o’-mess.

Innisfree x Jill Stuart Gel Eyeliners retail at USD6 and are available at their boutique at #B2-34 Ngee Ann City, or online.

Makeon Gel Pencil Eyeliner

Tosowoong Makeon Princess Gel Pencil Eyeliner

Makeon is another Korean brand, and is a little harder to come by as they do not have their own stores nor are they retailed outside of Korea.  However, they are easy to order online via Wishtrend at USD8.99 each, or USD37.99 for a set of 5 like the one I have.

Tosowoong Makeon Princess Gel Pencil Eyeliner swatches

These Makeon Gel Pencil Eyeliners have lovely pigmentation, but I found them drier and not as smooth as either of the 2 above.  They remind me of Shu Uemura in terms of texture and longevity, both average.  But, at this price, I would strongly recommend them over Shu Uemura anytime!

Touch In Sol

Touch in Sol Dramatic pencil eyeliners

Another Korean brand, Touch In Sol reminds me strongly of Clio, a similar brand.  These gel pencils have a twist-up and down feature and do not require sharpening.  They also claim to be infused with botanical oils and minerals to moisturize the eyes (although I’m not sure how much moisturizing you can get from pencils!!).

Touch in Sol Dramatic pencil eyeliners swatches

These are not my favorite of the bunch as I found them to be rather stiff and tugged on my skin.  I did not find these to stay on well on my waterline, and in fact, I had problems getting the champagne shade to show up at all.

Touch In Sol retails at USD11 and is available locally at Watsons, or on their US website here.


The universe of pencil liners are vast and wide, and I have many more in my stash but I don’t feel as strongly (either for or against) about them as those that I have introduced over these past 3 posts.  There is a great pencil for every budget!  I hope you had some fun looking at these, and hopefully set you up to explore the endless possibilities of Asian beauty brands!


In case you missed it, I had reviewed some top-notch luxury pencil eyeliners here, and some mid-range Western branded pencil eyeliners here.

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