Airy & Fresh… 3 new base products from Albion to Covet!

May 16, 2016

How was your weekend?  I didn’t want to get into the full story of how my Mothers’ Day celebration went a week ago, because I needed to give it some space.  For me, Mothers’ Day has always been jinxed, my hubby has managed to create dramatic nightmares every single year.  And this year topped the cake.  He drove my car into a stationary car at a slip-off road, by which I don’t mean an “accident” in the sense that he didn’t stop in time nor that the other car jam-braked in front of him, but that he was accelerating full-speed and crashed because he simply was not looking ahead.  My Mothers’ Day was pretty much spent looking up my insurance coverage, negotiating with the other car’s owner, and just being generally pissed off.  All that meant that I could not focus on taking any pretty pictures for my social media accounts, and have been running on fumes the entire past week.  I was determined to get some things done these past couple of days, but I am just exhausted – life!

I am eternally thankful for a number of things – (a) even though both cars were filled with family members, nobody was injured (and I will always insist my little one remains fully strapped down in his car seat!); (b) Volkswagens are indeed engineered for safety; (c) I have pretty things to cheer me up!!  The best is when those aforementioned pretty things also make life a bit simpler and better, and today I would like to show you 3 new makeup bases from Albion!

Albion primer, Elegance Chiffon Powder & haute nuance luxueuse

If you are not familiar with Albion, it is a high-end Japanese brand that has claimed several firsts in the world of beauty.  I have reviewed several of their skincare products in the past [see here] and am currently trying out another new range, and there is not a single product I have tried that I did not love.  So when I was sent 3 new items from their makeup line, I was stoked and jumped right in.

Albion Chiffon White Luminous Primer swatch

Let me introduce the products in the order that I would normally use them in.  First up, is the new Albion White Chiffon Luminous Primer which is a fluid primer with a light pink tint.  It is ultra lightweight, and goes on like 2nd skin to help makeup adhere better.  It is formulated with a mix of large and small spherical particles to cover pores and lines, so that the skin surface appears smoother.  An advanced micro compound of transparent flat pigments coated with blue and white pearl renders skin with a brighter and fairer tone.  I love that it helps to keep excess shine from appearing on my oily t-zone, and yet it respects the moisture level of my naturally dehydrated cheeks.  Albion White Chiffon Luminous Primer contains SPF30 PA+++ sun protection, which is great for daily use!  The handy-sized squeeze tube is not frivolous, and light enough for traveling or carrying around if you are in the habit of applying makeup on the go.

Albion Elegance Chiffon Powder Foundation

It may seem like a little bit of a step backwards to be introducing a powder foundation when the whole world is hot on the trails of cushions.  But Albion White Chiffon Luminous Foundation is no ordinary powder, and with the new limited edition premium Bijou case, I can’t help but turn all heart-shaped eyes.  This new White Chiffon Luminous Foundation is build upon a skin-loving essence base, and when used with the complementary primer discussed above, it creates an airy, breathable, and fresh-feeling makeup canvas on the face!

Every single time that I have reviewed powders in the past, I have mentioned my preference for using powders over a liquid base (BB/CC/sheer fluid foundation).  That is because of the extra adherence provided by the liquid layer for my dry skin, and the more natural (less “powdery”) finish.  However, this is the first time that I found a powder to actually perform better on its own than layered over another base.  Albion White Chiffon Luminous Foundation is specially designed to go over the skin like powder, but leaves a liquid-like finish!  The accompanying sponge is thicker than most powder sponges, and picks up a generous amount of powder and buffs into the skin with a single swipe.  The powder itself is quite soft and finely milled, such that if I tried to swirl a powder brush in, it kicks up a fair bit of powder.

Here is a half-faced comparison shot to show you how Albion White Chiffon Luminous Foundation looks on me:

Albion White Chiffon Luminous Foundation comparison**click to enlarge & zoom

As you can see, the coverage is light-medium as is expected, but if you zoom in, you can see how it really smoothens my pores and lines, and leaves my skin looking completely natural and not powdery at all!

Albion Elegance La Poudre Haute Nuance Luxueuse

Lastly, you probably don’t need this if you are already using the powder above, but just in case you’d like a little something more to brighten and glow, here Albion’s exclusive Elegance La Poudre Haute Nuance!  Previously only available for a limited time during past Holiday seasons, this highly coveted powder is back permanently!  The pan is generously-sized and contains 27gm of product, in an irresistibly pretty design of several colors.  There are 4 versions available, the one I have is in shade I, which is the most brightening of the 4 and suitable for fair complexions.

If it resembles the famed Guerlain Meteorites, you are probably right in that Albion Elegance La Poudre Haute Nuance works as a finishing powder, to bring light to the complexion as a final step of makeup, and to give that flawless finish.  But unlike the meteorites, I found this Elegance powder to pick up better; and whereas dusting meteorites is like dusting air all over yourself, the Elegance powder is actually “visible” (I have to qualify that it is not in an unflattering powdery way) and so you can actually use this as a setting powder as well!  I should also point out that this powder does not contain shimmers, for those of you who are averse to shimmers. 😉

As I had mentioned, it is probably not necessary to apply the Elegance La Poudre Haute Nuance on top of the White Chiffon Luminous Primer & Foundation, but I tried it anyway, and found the combination does not cake up nor become too heavy.  In fact, it is designed to be layered to extend the wear time of the bases as it resists sweat and sebum, even on my dry combination skin it stays airy & fresh all day.  All 3 products mentioned here today are already out in counters, so do check them out if you can!  In the meantime, stay safe on the roads, and have a wonderful week ahead!

xo Linda

This post featured products that were kindly provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

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  1. I’m sorry Mother’s Day didn’t go over well with you but you’re a Mommy everyday and everyday is super special for us mommies. I bet your little one think so too. Thank goodness no one was hurt and pretty things always cheers me up too!!
    The packaging is stunning and these sounds like lovely products. Never heard of the brand before though. x

    • silverkis says:

      Thank you so much for your encouragement dear! :** You are right, everyday is special when we are with our little ones! Hope you had a great Mothers’ Day too!!

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