Get a Rosy Complexion with Albion Extract RS Mask

September 28, 2014

This October, Albion is releasing a limited edition Extract RS Mask, which promises to bring a healthy rosy glow to the complexion.

Albion Extract RS Mask

The Albion Extract RS Mask is a gel sheet mask that comes in 2 pieces to fit the top and bottom of the face separately. The packaging is remarkable as each sheet comes in its own foil packet, and the mask itself is laid out flat in the packet instead of folded up as most other masks are. So when you remove it, it is nicely opened up and ready to be placed on the face directly. No slippery puzzle as you attempt to unravel the mask before ripping it to pieces (true story!).

Albion Extract RS Mask top half

The key ingredient is rose water extract which has the ability to activate the function of female hormones, to improve the skin’s natural physiology. It also has anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties. In addition, the mask contains osmanthus flower extract which is whitening and has anti-glycation functions; collagen to boost skin’s elasticity; mint leaf extract to stimulate cell’s metabolism; and rose placenta extract for anti-oxidant properties.

Albion Extract RS Mask top half

We have all tried our fair share of sheet masks, and oftentimes it is difficult to differentiate one from another. And so I was really surprised when I tried this for the first time. The mask is not all that “wet” when you first place it on the face, and it adheres well to the skin and stays on. In just 5 minutes, most of the essence would have been absorbed into the skin, and the mask becomes fairly “dry”. I kept it on for 10 minutes just because (in Singaporean slang we call it “kiasu” i.e. afraid to lose), and found the mask completely dry. But the results are certainly noticeable! My skin was visibly brighter, more hydrated, and the entire face looked more lifted.

I love this mask so much, I am going to buy more to stock up once it hits counters! It retails for SGD92 for a box of 3. Certainly on the pricy end of the market, but the last mask that I enjoyed this much was the Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Lifting Mask (reviewed here), and that retails for USD95 (approx. SGD123) for a box of 4, so it is comparably priced.

xo Linda





The product was provided for my consideration.  All opinions expressed are my own honest, unbiased views.