Albion Exage Moist & Excia Whitening Immaculate Essence

January 17, 2016

The beginning of a brand new year is always a good time to relook your skincare, and refresh a little bit.  Living out here in hot & humid Singapore, oily skin seems to be a common problem, but for many, this is the result of dehydrated skin.  I used to scoff at “basic” hydration ranges thinking they were only for dry skin types; but once I started incorporating hydration skincare into my life, I definitely noticed an improvement in my over-compensating sebum production!  Albion recently reformulated its Exage Moist skincare range, and after a good month or so of using it daily, I think it is about time I share this with you!  This is a fairly long post, but I wanted to be as thorough as possible… please stay with me throughout, as I also introduced Albion Excia Whitening Immaculate Essence EX towards the end of the post.  Happy reading!

Albion Exage Moist & Excia Whitening Immaculate Essence

Albion’s Exage skincare range is one of their more popular lines, and comes in Exage White [the serum is reviewed here] and Exage Moist.  The Albion Exage Moist skincare range was recently reformulated, and now it not only moisturises the skin, but helps skin to constantly renew itself.  Most of the items that I tested contained Chrysanthellum Indicum (Golden Chamomile) Extract which is able to reduce dry flaking skin and restore suppleness.  It is also a rich source of flavonoids, which makes it anti-inflammatory, anti-itch, and soothing for skin prone to eczema and psoriasis.  Another key ingredient is Endomyces (Bitter Cherry Juice) Ferment Filtrate which provides antioxidant benefits and is a skin conditioning agent.Albion Exage Clear Moist Wash

Albion Exage Clear Moist Wash is a light foaming cleanser that helps to clear the skin of trapped sebum, dirt and grime.  It is packaged in a pink-tinted squeeze tube with a cover that snaps open and shut easily, simple and elegant.

Albion Exage Clear Moist Wash

The cleanser comes in a dense gel-like texture that mixes with water to product a very light foam.  I’ve found that it is easy to over-use this because of the lack of foam, but really a tiny pea size was all I needed.  After rinsing off, my skin feels very clean without being overly taut.  However, it did give me a slight stinging sensation where my skin was irritated, although it goes away the moment I rinse it off and did not cause any redness.

Albion Exage Clear Moist Wash ingredients

The 2nd step in Albion’s basic skincare routine is the moisture milk as Albion believes it is critical to restore hydration to the skin as soon as possible after cleansing.

Albion Exage Activation Moisture Milk II

Albion Exage Activation Moisture Milk has been reformulated to be even lighter than before, and quick in absorption so you can get on with the rest of your beauty routine!

Albion Exage Activation Moisture Milk II swatch

Similar to all of Albion’s moisture milks, the Exage Activation Moisture Milk comes in a tall bottle with a pump dispenser to make things easy and convenient.  There are 3 different formulas to choose from – I for oily skin types, II for normal skin, and III for dry skin.  The fundamental ingredients of all 3 are the same, the difference between them has to do with the textures and richness to suit the various skin types.

The one I have is II, and it is a lightweight fluid that feels pampering and soothing on my skin without being overly rich.  Albion recommends 3 full pumps on a cotton pad, but I am usually content with just 2 pumps.  The type of cotton pad does make a difference in the experience because the regular drugstore cotton pad that I’m using here is clearly too small to accommodate 3 pumps.  I do recommend getting Albion’s cotton pads which are not only bigger, but they also do not tear apart easily nor leave strands of fibres behind.  In any case, I am finishing up with a serum, so 2 pumps feel more than sufficient, but if you are not adding anything to the basic routine then I strong recommend using 3!

To apply, I like to first dab the moisture milk saturated cotton pad on both cheeks and forehead, then gently massage in circular motions using the cotton pad to help the product absorb into the skin.  I also do this for my neck and ears!  Thereafter, I give it about a minute for the moisture milk to be fully absorbed before moving onto the next step.  By this point, my skin feels plumped and nourished, perfectly comforted after the earlier cleansing.

Albion Exage Activation Moisture Milk II ingredients

In addition to the 2 common ingredients found in this line, Albion Exage Activation Moisture Milk II also contains Meadowfoam Seed Oil which contains wonderful anti-oxidant properties and also acts as an effective protective barrier to prevent moisture loss.  Sweet Almond Oil promotes natural renewal of the skin, sloughing off dead skin and stimulating growth of healthy new skin.  It also promotes the repair of damaged cells, and ultimately giving skin a more youthful, renewed appearance.

Albion Exage Moist Full Lotion I

After the full absorption of the moisture milk, refresh the complexion with the Albion Exage Moist Full Lotion.  There are 2 versions of this, the one I have here is I for normal to combination skin, whereas there is a II for normal to dry skin.  For my dehydrated skin with oily t-zone, I found the combination of Moisture Milk II + Lotion I to be perfect as the first gives that deep surge of hydration whilst the second refreshes and takes away and excess  oil from the surface of my skin.

Albion Exage Moist Full Lotion I

To apply, simply saturate a cotton pad with the Albion Exage Moist Full Lotion I, and then sweep it all over the face.  It leaves my skin feeling comfortably fresh and plump, without any stinging sensation that some lotions / toners do.

Albion Exage Moist Full Lotion I ingredients

The Albion Exage Moist Full Lotion I contains Akebia Trifoliata Stem Extract which has cleansing, whitening and antiaging properties.  It has inhibitory functions on tyrosinase, preventing the formation of dark spots; and large amounts of fatty acids to keep skin moist and plumped up.  Peppermint Leaf Extract leaves a refreshing feeling, and also has nice antibacterial properties.

You can end your basic skincare routine here with just these 3 simple steps, or add on a serum or a rich cream for night time.

Albion Exage Vital Generate

Albion Exage Vital Generate is a lightweight serum that can be used day and night to enhance the hydration levels of the skin.  It comes in a small bottle with a pump dispenser, and contains 40ml of product (as opposed to the usual 30ml that most other serums in the market come in).

Albion Exage Vital Generate

The Albion Exage Vital Generate is a light watery fluid with a translucent look.  It takes about 2-3 pumps to cover my entire face and neck, and is absorbed instantly leaving no tackiness on the skin.

Albion Exage Vital Generate ingredients

There are some really interesting ingredients in this Albion Exage Vital Generate serum – Cordyceps Sinensis Extract possesses antioxidant and antiaging properties, and is itself a great humectant for hydration.  Disodium Adenosine Triphosphate is an excellent cell-communicating agent that drives the repair and formation of new cells; and helps to modulate inflammations in the skin.  Ganoderma Lucidum Stem Extract has anti-wrinkle and anti-inflammatory benefits, suppresses melanin, reduces free radical damage and speed up cell regeneration.  Pyrus Cydonia Seed Extract soothes and moisturises the skin, leaving it smooth.  Rehmannia Glutinous Root Extract is rich in amino acids and Vitamins A, B, C; and is known to be anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal.  Royal Jelly is of course known to be a great antiaging ingredient that stimulates cellular renewal and the promotion and synthesis of collagen and elastin for firm, more toned skin and a smooth appearance.  Swertia Japonica Extract improves the metabolism and antiaging ability of skin cells.

I realise this is a very long, windy read, and though I loath to burden you with more rambling, there is another Albion treatment that I’ve been loving and would like to introduce to you.  One of the most popular questions that people like to ask me is which product is the most effective at whitening/brightening.  While there are many in the market, and there are a few that I personally have found to be effective, there is nothing like an intensive treatment for an important event.

Albion Excia Whitening Immaculate Essence

Albion Excia Whitening Immaculate Essence EX is an intensive 28-day brightening treatment that offers powerful whitening and antiaging benefits.  It has been compared to laser treatments, and some people have termed it “medicated”.  This treatment contains Albion’s proprietary Kojic Acid EX which is a highly penetrative whitening complex that suppresses the production of melanin and breaks down existing melanin to remove stubborn spots.  It also eliminates aged collagen fibers which make the skin looks brown and dull, and regenerates skin’s natural radiance and clarity.  Unlike many other whitening ingredients in the market, Kojic Acid does not irritate the skin nor leave it dry or sensitised.

Albion Excia Whitening Immaculate Essence swatch

This is an intensive 28-day treatment, and the product comes in 28 individually sealed little vials, each containing 1.5ml of product.  When poured onto my small palm, it does seem like quite a lot of product, but it has been specially designed to be used entirely in 1 shot.  The way I apply it is to pour out small amounts each time and massage into my skin until fully absorbed, and then pour out some more and repeat the massaging until the entire vial is completely absorbed into my skin.  And the amazing thing is, my skin is noticeably brighter and fairer afterwards!  This is not the result of any cosmetic powder in the product, and the effects lasts!

Albion Excia Whitening Immaculate Essence EX retails for SGD410 for a set of 28 vials, and is clearly not designed to be used continuously.  Customers generally use this in preparation for an upcoming major event like their wedding, or to reset their skin’s clarity.  Thereafter, you may choose to go back to the treatment on a regular basis like after 3 months or so.

Unfortunately, I do not have an English copy of the ingredients, and so am unable to reproduce it here for your reference.

Thank you for making it through such a long read today!  I hope to be able to get some time next week to bring you a few more reviews that I’ve been meaning to write.  Have a blessed Sunday, and a wonderful week ahead!

xo Linda

This post featured products that were kindly provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

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