Addiction Ready to Wear eyeshadow palette in Departure

November 6, 2013

Hello!  Continuing on my recent Japanese cosmetic frenzy, I’d like to introduce ADDICTION and it’s recent FW2013 Ready to Wear Palette in Departure.  Founded by Japanese makeup artist Ayako, ADDICTION brings a unique artistic sensibility to makeup with bold colors and interesting textures, allowing the wearer to create a dramatic look with just a single stroke.

Addiction Ready to Wear Eyeshadow Palette

Departure is a glitter-lover’s fantasy and a colorful delight for any makeup junkie.  It treads that fine line between being too bling and adolescent, and fun and bold.

Addiction Ready to Wear Eyeshadow Palette in Departure

The shades in the palette are (clockwise from top left):

Addiction Ready to Wear Eyeshadow Palette in Departure swatches

It took my so long to review ADDICTION Departure because this is not an easy palette to wear on a daily basis to work.  I suppose you could always wear just the light lavender as a pale wash of color with just a liner, but that is not the way I roll.  You could also wear the darker tones as a blended liner along the lash line.  Instead, I challenged myself to wear all 4 shades in their full-on glory like this:

Addiction Ready to Wear Eyeshadow Palette in Departure EOTD

For this  EOTD, I first applied the lavender shade all over my lid, and darked the outer corner with the periwinkle blue.  Then I patted on the purple shade in the middle of the lid and blended.  Finally, I lined my lower lash line with the bronze.

Overall, this is a really fun little palette that packs quite a punch in terms of color and shine.  I think it may be slightly scary for neutral lovers, but very wearable once you break it down.  And for those days when you feel like striking out boldy, you can combine all 4 shades!

xo Linda