Addiction Cheek Polish: Tadzio & Suspicious

January 11, 2014

So I’ve taken to living off of my friends’ makeup stashes, banging on their generosity and kind hearts for fresh & novel content.  There is just so much I can buy, even with all the money in the world, not everything is easily accessible / available.  Buying sight unseen is often a recipe for disaster.  Instead, I’m swapping items and exchanging samples with some wonderful ladies with unbelievably amazing makeup collections to satisfy my curiosity (not to mention, educational as well as I wasn’t even aware of some of these products to begin with!).  Without further preamble, I’d like to introduce you to Hannah’s Addiction Cheek Polishes in 06 Tadzio and 07 Suspicious.

Addiction Cheek Polishes 06 Tadzio & 07 Suspicious

Last Fall, Addiction launched a range of 7 liquid blushes cheekily named cheek polishes, reference to those liquid colors for our nails most certainly intended.   Everything about the packaging – small glass bottles with twist-open tops, and brush applicator – resembles nail polishes.  But, for the cheeks of course.

Addiction Cheek Polishes applicator

For those who are not used to using liquid blushes (i.e. me), it may seem somewhat clunkier than powders.  What I ended up doing, which may not be the best thing, was to take just a tiny drop on my finger, and then dab that along my cheekbones.  1 littlest drop for both cheeks sufficed for both Tadzio and Suspicious.  And then I used my Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush (which I reserve specifically for cream blushes) to blend.

Being liquid, these cheek polishes are super easy to blend, and yet they are not so watery that it just smears everywhere (unlike Tom Ford Fire Lust, which is the only other liquid cheek thingy I own).  They do dry down fairly quickly, so you need to work fast.  There is a very lovely translucency about these cheek polishes, that is just not achievable with a powder formula (with the exception of the latest YSL blushilighter Rosy Blush reviewed here).  What makes this interesting though, is the strong pigmentation of both Tadzio and Suspicious (I can’t speak for the rests of the cheek polishes myself as I’ve not tried them).  And the lasting power!!  These last me all day, and I mean 12 hours and counting!  There is nothing I own that comes close… not even Mr Ford nor Madame Chanel.

Addiction Cheek Polishes Tadzio Suspicious swatches

Tadzio (06) is a medium rosy pink which is one of those very wearable shades that flatter a wide range of skin tone and will probably fit in very well in any makeup wardrobe.  Suspicious (07) is a gorgeous cool-toned plummy red which blends out to be a much less frightening and more wearable flush on the cheeks.  I must admit though, these sorts of shades don’t work for everybody, but it reminds me of Chanel’s cream blush in Fantastic which I loved.  Between the two, Tadzio is more pigmented, whereas Suspicious sheered out more using my brush blending application.  Also, Suspicious seems to set much faster than Tadzio, so you will have to work faster.

In any case, Addiction Cheek Polishes have piqued my interest, and I can’t wait to see more, more, more!!

Thank you Hannah, for sampling these for me, and supplying these images too!  xoxo

12 responses to “Addiction Cheek Polish: Tadzio & Suspicious”

  1. pearlessence says:

    Haha cheek polishes! The name really tickled me. They look super pigmented, I would be so afraid of over-application and looking like a clown.

  2. lunalunaface says:

    I have Fresh and Tadzio and I find Fresh a bit sheerer.. Suspicious looks really interesting! I was afraid it’s too purplish..

  3. rubyangel711 says:

    Wow! Looks and sounds amazing! I would love to raid your makeup stash! I would have a field day!!!

  4. Lena L says:

    I am smitten with the deep purple shade. It is rich yet clean!
    And I just adore the packaging! <3

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