September 24th, 2018

Let Loose the Wild Cosmic Child in You with THREE Cosmetics this AW2018

THREE Cosmetics seems to have taken an interesting turn in its makeup aesthetics, moving ever farther away from the generic girlie cuteness that most Japanese brands are prone to, setting the pace with graphic editorial looks.  The latest feature look for the Wild Cosmic Child A/W 2018 collection looks futuristic and mod, with a distinctly British vibe, which is neither cosmic nor wild.  Regardless, if you consider the ability to transcend different genres, and stride boldly in an ever-challenging urban society, then you have finally found the mark.

THREE Cosmetics AW2018 Wild Cosmic Child

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October 23rd, 2013

THREE Cosmetics 4D Eye Palette #09 Star Guitar

I started my introduction to THREE Cosmetics earlier this week with the #11 palette (reviewed here), and today I’m bringing you full circle to the palette that started it all – the campaign look for AW2013…

three_aw2013_campaign image

And the eye palette responsible for it – THREE 4D Eye Palette #9 Star Guitar.

THREE 4D Eye Palette 9 Star Guitar

By the time I got to meet #9 Star Guitar, I was decidedly all purpled-out for the season.  But this was no ordinary purple-themed palette, and it had me at first swatch.

THREE 4D Eye Palette 9 Star Guitar

The shades, clockwise from top left corner, are as follows:

  • Light shimmery mauve-pink.  This has a lovely texture and is well pigmented, although the shade of the color by nature is very close to my natural skin color and requires a bit more to show up well.  It has a warm tone, and is unlike the typical pastel pinks that plague so many Japanese brands.
  • Medium-dark burgundy with pink and blue micro-glitters.  This is the cream shade in this palette, and is very well pigmented.  In comparison to #11 Sister Midnight’s cream shade, this felt more “solid” to the touch and does not kick up when dipped with a brush.
  • Light brown with sparkles.  This is the sheerest shade in the palette, but is much more pigmented by the corresponding shade on the #11 Sister Midnight palette.  It gives a light wash of color and lends an elegant sparkle to the eye that is only paralleled by Tom Ford.  Come to think of it, this shade reminds me of Tom Ford’s She Wolf (reviewed here).
  • Medium chocolate brown with satin finish.  When I first looked at the palette, I thought this was just another matte shade *yawn*.  But when I swatched it, I felt like a wine connoisseur effusing about nose, bouquets and finishes.  This is also the creamiest shade to touch in the pan.

Here are the swatches to give you a better idea of the individual shades (left to right corresponding to the shades in the pan clockwise from top left):

THREE 4D Eye Palette 9 Star Guitar swatches

I played the shades in #9 Star Guitar the way Rie Omoto had rocked them on the campaign video.  For your reference, here is an instructional schematic in pictorial form.

Three 4D eye palette makeup step

First, I applied the medium burgundy cream shade all over the lid, focusing more on the outer V.  Thereafter, layer on a wash of the medium chocolate brown, particularly on the inner half of the lid.  Highlight the inner eye corner with the sparkley light brown, followed by the crease with the light mauve-pink.

THREE 4D Eye Palette 9 Star Guitar EOTD

Once again, when all 4 shades are blended together this way, the resultant EOTD strikes out boldly and quite differently than I could possibly imagine from examining the pan!  I love the way the brown and burgundy mix together to create a complex score that changes under different lighting. I also tried wearing the palette a few different ways.  Depending how you mix the shades, very different looks can be achieved.  However, I again faced difficulty wearing the burgundy cream shade on its own along my lash line as it never quite settles down but creases and spreads out quite a bit.  Regardless, I did not experience any fallout or fading from these shades throughout my long day.

As you can see, I am starting to fall quite hard for THREE Cosmetics, and this #9 Star Guitar 4D Eye Palette did not disappoint.  Have you had a chance to check out anything from THREE?


July 23rd, 2018

Show off Your Skin’s Natural Beauty this Summer 2018 with THREE Angelic Synthesis Foundation Serum!

Happy Monday!  The lovely folks at THREE Cosmetics in Singapore sent me a wonderful package last month, and I’ve been waiting to share it with you.  THREE Cosmetics is a lifestyle brand from Japan which prides itself on a holistic approach towards beauty and living.  The range is almost exclusively sold in Japan, and so it was a major coup when it launched in Singapore last year.  I had reviewed several pieces from their makeup line in the past [see here], and am excited to explore their latest base products and several pieces from their Summer 2018 point makeup range.

THREE Summer 2018 makeup

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July 29th, 2015

THREE Pressed Eye Color Palette Duo 05 LOVE EVOLUTION

Before Summer fades into Fall, I really need to show you a few more items that I’ve been meaning to discuss for a really long time!  I picked up a couple of THREE Pressed Eye Color Palette Duos when I was in Bangkok, Thailand last year, and one of them is this very interesting bronze and lime palette named Love Evolution!

THREE Pressed Eye Color Palette Duo Love Evolution

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April 28th, 2015

A Thought on A Couple of THREE Blushes

I’ve recently been digging through my makeup stash, and trying to get some little loved items back into play. I’m not a big blush junkie, and unlike eye or lip color, I find that subtle nuances in blush shades seldom show up well. So in order for me to love a blush, my prerequisites are – smooth formula, easy to blend, interesting color. The THREE Color Veil for Cheeks are not easily accessible outside of Japan, and they have their share of raves out there on the Internet. I thought I’d offer up my own views just in case you are considering an online purchase, something to mull about.

THREE Color Veil for Cheeks 22 Sweet Thing 23 Emotional Rescue

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October 21st, 2013

An introduction to THREE & #11 Sister Midnight

I have only recently delved into the world of Japanese cosmetics proper, by which I mean, those out of the well-trodden Western path. THREE is one such hip Japanese brand that I’ve only gotten to admire from afar via Instagram, and when I was in Bangkok recently, I made it a point to visit the counter to experience the products for myself. And boy was I impressed!

THREE Cosmetics counter in Bangkok

THREE cosmetics breaks from the stereotypical Japanese mould of pastel / muted neutrals and frilly packaging, with bold pigmented colors and minimalistic industrial packaging. I find the brand’s attitude to be really refreshing, even its website is a sensory journey, and something that I’ve yet to encounter (although admittedly my makeup knowledge is still quite limited) anywhere else.

THREE Cosmetics packaging

For my first foray into THREE, I picked up two of its 4D Eye Palettes from the FW2013 collection. Today, I shall introduce you to #11 Sister Midnight.

THREE 4D Eye palette 11 Sister Midnight

Each THREE 4D Eye Palettes consists of 4 different eyeshadow shades in varying textures. Here is a close-up on the pan:

THREE 4D Eye palette 11 Sister Midnight

Clockwise from top left of pan:

  • Light shimmery beige-brown. This has a creamy texture and is well pigmented despite being a very light shade overall. It is somewhat warm-toned despite the metallic shimmer.
  • Dark purple with pink and blue micro-glitters. It looks almost black-indigo in the pan but applies out on my lids as a warm purple. This is one of THREE’s reputed “cream” shadows, which is supposedly more emollient. The thing to note here is that it doesn’t actually dry down and set like some other cream shadows, and I had difficulty wearing this shade along the lash line without it creasing and smudging (despite wearing a primer beneath). Regardless, it works very well as a base shade (which is the way THREE recommends it), and is very very pigmented.
  • Light glittery blue. The blue here is a complex “dirty” blue, not the typical pastel sky blue that Japanese brands are wont to display. The color is somewhat sheer, but it does build up to a decent wash. This has the boldest pink sparkles and works well as a pop of color on the inside corners of the eye or all over. I didn’t experience much fall-out from this when worn solely on the upper lid, but did have some trouble when I tried to line my lower lash line with it.
  • Medium olive moss with a satin finish. This is the creamiest to the touch of the entire bunch, and is very well pigmented. It is the warmest shade in the palette.

The swatches, left to right, correspond to the descriptions above from top (i.e. clockwise from top left of pan):

THREE 4D Eye palette 11 Sister Midnight swatches

Obviously, there are numerous ways to wear these gorgeous shades. The way THREE recommends it, is to first build a base using the dark purple, concentrating on the outer “V”. Then go over with the medium olive shade, concentrating on the inner half of the lid. Highlight the inner corners of the eye using the glittery blue, and finally highlight the crease using the beige-brown shade. If it sounds confusing, just think of a figure “X” starting from the top right corner of the palette.

And here is the resultant EOTD following the THREE methodology:

THREE 4D Eye palette 11 Sister Midnight EOTD

It’s uncanny how purple + green = slate blue! I actually took about a million photos and then stared and restared at myself in the mirror close-up just to be sure. I think if you wanted to go more purple, you would have to be extra heavy handed on that and go extremely light on the green or skip it entirely. Likewise with any other colors in the pan, because I tried mixing the beige & green, and they turned out very close to the blue shade…go figure!

THREE 4D Eye palette 11 Sister Midnight LOTD

I am absolutely in love with THREE 4D Eye Palette #11 Sister Midnight! It is completely unexpected, the shades are all individually complex and interesting, and the textures are amazing! There isn’t a shade in this palette that I can find fault with (having tested out palette #9, I found the purple cream shade in this palette to kick up quite a bit although it doesn’t bother me)! And as an unexpected bonus, the brushes contained in this palette are well made and decent enough that I actually created the EOTD above using nothing but just them!! Together with the slim packaging, THREE palettes are truly made to go with you wherever your journey takes you!


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