5 Picks for Luminous Skin!

May 13, 2015

In all the TF madness last weekend, I missed my weekly Skincare Sunday post, and am making amends today. And it’s hopefully an interesting read for you because I’ve put together 5 eclectic skincare picks that promise to give you more luminous skin! Some of these may be a little bit off the beaten track, but it’s always nice to have a change in pace from time to time right? And as always, if anything piques your interest and you have trouble accessing them, I’d be more than happy to help.

Luminous Skincare

The items that I have curated today are not items that you would normally find in a departmental store, but they each have something that makes them unique and interesting. Instead of presenting you with 5 of the same products from different brands, I’ve put together what could possibly be an entire regimen if you are inclined to do so. Starting with a good cleanser…

LJH oxygenating bubble pack

LJH Oxygenating Bubble Brightening Pack [SGD48 / USD35 for 50ml] is a rinse-off detoxifying and exfoliating mask. LJH (or Lee JiHam) is a cosmeceutical brand originating from Korea and it is most easily accessible via HKCPlaza here (unaffiliated link). These bubble packs are very popular in Korea, and every brand offers something similar. It pumps out as a clear gel that you apply all over the face, and within seconds it foams up on its own. Massage it gently all over (avoiding the eyes!), and then rinse off. I’ve tried some other brands and found some of these bubble packs to sting, fortunately I had no such problem with LJH’s! It works very well removing makeup and all surface debris, although it is probably not recommended to use on a daily basis. I use this about twice a week, in the morning in place of my usual cleanser, and it leaves my skin visibly brighter!

Erabelle Mizu Therapy Mask

Erabelle Mizu Therapy Mask [SGD26.75 / USD20 per piece] is a cotton sheet mask from Singapore-based beauty brand Erabelle that promises to supply abundant moisture and breathe new life to skin. There are 3 different variants targeting slightly different concerns – Rejuvenating (for dehydrated, dull, mature skin), Fairness (for dull, uneven complexions), and Anti-Blemish (for oily, blemished skin). All the masks are formulated with hyaluronic acid to boost hydration, and botanical extracts to nourish the skin. I like that I am free to mix and match my masks according to varying skin concerns, but they are quite pricey and at that price point I wished they were made of bio-cellulose so that they adhere better to the face.  Also, I’m not generally fond of products that contain parabens which these do. Available from Erabelle’s online shop here (unaffiliated link).

CNP Propolis Energy Ampule

CNP Laboratory Propolis Energy Ampule [SGD40.90 / USD27.50 for 15ml] is a lightweight, watery-gel like serum that provides antioxidant and moisturizing benefits. CNP Laboratory is another Korean cosmeceutical brand that has recently found its way to Singapore, and can be found at Guardian stores or online here (unaffiliated link). Interestingly, this contains 10% propolis extract, which is quite a generous concentration. Propolis is known to have antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects and may help in skin healing. However, it is also one of the most common allergens, and has been known to cause dermatitis, which is unfortunately true in my case. I gave this one a good long trial, because I really did enjoy the texture, and my skin always felt plumper and more supple after use. On the other hand, it caused a period of hyper-sensitivity (which was not triggered by this product) to be unduly prolonged. Even long after I had stopped using the aggravating product, my skin refused to heal, until I also stopped using this Ampule. So, for those of you who already have pre-existing conditions relating to pollen, please stay away. If you are unsure, I recommend a patch test applying it all over your face.

Mary Kay Melacep Plus+ serum

Mary Kay MelaCEP Plus+ Ultimate Serum [SGD160 for 30ml] is specially formulated for Asian skin, and comes from well-known household brand Mary Kay from the US.  This latest serum contains a proprietary blend of edelweiss extract, algae extract and vegetable amino acids capable of delivering powerful whitening benefits.  Other ingredients such as Hexylresorcinol, Maritime pine and white birch extracts all help to target melanin for a clearer complexion.  It is a lightweight serum that gets fully absorbed quickly, leaving no sticky residue.  Unfortunately, I have not been using this long enough to be ascertain its whitening properties.  Mary Kay is available exclusively through their service consultants, visit www.marykay.com.sg [unaffiliated link] to locate one.

Strivectin Radiance Refining Moisturizer

Strivectin Radiance Refining Moisturizer [SGD135 / USD89 for 50ml] targets hydration in the skin and is powered by the brand’s proprietary NIA-114 technology to strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier.  It also claims to enhance skin’s clarity, even out discoloration, diminish dullness and enhance radiance.  It is a lightweight cream that feels nourishing whilst still maintaining a relatively lightweight feel suitable for daytime wear.  I enjoyed its moisturizing feel on my dehydrated skin, which lasted me all day in an air conditioned environment.  However, I have not been using this long enough to ascertain its other benefits.  Strivectin is available at Escentials in Singapore, or online here (unaffiliated link).

I hope this has given you a good overview of some brands that are not commonly featured.  Admittedly, not everything worked out as well on me as I’d like, but I do have peculiarly finicky skin and I encourage you to keep an open mind if you’d like to explore something new.  All ingredient lists are included in the images above, and I’ve also included links that may help in your shopping.  These are entirely provided as a goodwill to help, I don’t earn a single cent from your clicks or purchases, so use them or don’t, I don’t care.

Have you tried anything off the beaten track lately that you’ve loved?  Please share in the comments below!

xo Linda

This post featured products that were kindly sent to me for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.


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  1. Lily says:

    To think I’m a skincare junkie… I haven’t tried any of these here! I might have to look into that. Thanks for sharing, Linda!

  2. I’ll have to check out the Mary Kay serum. I think it’s the only brand from your picks that I have access to here.

  3. Hi Linda, great review, also with ingredients and important notes on how things work and what to expect. Strivectin Moisturizer sounds like something I might enjoy. We have Mary Kay here, I haven’t tried anything from their line, so I will check out as well.

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