Bellabox’s 1st Birthday

October 11, 2012

As this is Bellabox’s 1st Birthday Box, I thought I would subscribe to test out the service, and had high hopes to be wow-ed.  Compared to the September box, Bellabox has certainly improved.  The items contained are sufficiently interesting and useful that I would actually try, sparing me the stash or trash dilemma.  Here’s a quick run-down of the brands & items in my box:

Nuxe…I’ve seen this for years in Robinsons, and recently read about the infamous Huile Prodigieuse and how it is the ultimate Parisian beauty staple.  So i was happy to find it in my box… am going to try it on my dry hair ends!  Also in the box, are the Rich Face & Body Cleansing Gel and the 24HR Moisturizing Body Lotion.  Both smells deliciously of honey and almond, and should be interesting to try.

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution… yet another Parisian drugstore favorite.  Its micelle technology removes makeup and dirt gently and effectively from even the most sensitive skin.  I’ve tried other micelle cleansers before and loved them, so am certainly looking forward to this!

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer…this product shot Laura Mercier to fame, and has won numerous beauty awards.  This is certainly more useful for me than the Guerlain perfume vial that some other boxes contained.  But i’ve actually tried this years ago, and was not terribly impressed.  Tinted moisturizers are, to me, somewhat a blast from the past.

As this is Bellabox’s 1st Anniversary month, they have included a cute pink compact mirror for all its subscribers.  Just what i need for my daily essentials makeup pouch!

Apart from the products, one item that caught my attention was this card bearing “The Bellabox Promise”.

Clearly, the company has received sufficient complains and has decided to take action.  Personally, i’m not sure if this “promise” fully addressed the concerns.  I feel they have missed the point of “new” products, and their sense of responsibility towards subscribers is still unclear.  Regardless, Bellabox is a startup, and one has to give them credit for listening and trying.

Whilst i am happy with the products in my Bellabox, i am just a tad underwhelmed.  Especially when compared with the October Vanitytrove that i received 2 weeks ago… i actually got so excited i ordered a 2nd one at a premium!  Despite being $5 cheaper, Bellabox contains less items, and usually only sample sizes.  Also, my main goal in subscribing to such beauty boxes is really to experience the latest and bestest in the market… not something that has been around for decades.  Certainly having the items in my hands pushes me to actually try them instead of just passing them by in the stores… but that serves the corporates more than the consumer, doesn’t it?

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    Wonderful review! Thks for leaving your trail @ Shirley’s Luxury Haven! Looking fwd to sharing & hope to see more of you. Do try your luck in my many Giveaways 🙂

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