27, 05, 2016

CLEAN Reserve Terra Woods

I am always intrigued when brands come to market with an interesting story, and when I came across CLEAN’s latest sustainable “farm-to-bottle” Reserve Collection of fragrances, all my senses were wide open.

Clean Reserve

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27, 05, 2016

Caring for my hair with Goldwell Kerasilk Premium Hair Care

When I was a kid, I would tag along on my mother’s trips to the hair salon and spend seemingly hours staring at posters on the walls, admiring those luscious hair and thinking when I grow up I want hair like that!  And more often than not, they were posters of Goldwell.  Somehow along the way, the brand seemed to have lost a bit of its former shine, so I am glad to see Goldwell starting to emerge again.  I recently got to experience a Kerasilk Reconstruct Treatment at Chez Vous salon, and also got to bring home a full set of home care products to try.  They really are excellent, and I would like to share them with you today!

Goldwell Kerasilk haircare home care products

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24, 05, 2016

Dior Diorskin Nude Air Glow Powder, Diorblush Sculpt & Polka Dots Colour & Dots Manicure Kit!

Dior surprised me this year by turning out a collection inspired by milky polka dots… judging from the colors, there is a sort of 70’s retro flare to the inspiration, which is a rather strange direction to go for a summer collection.  I wished they had taken the prints all the way, print them all over the cases and emboss them on the surface of the powders!  That would have made the entire collection more memorable, but as it is, the entire collection from the 2 eyeshadow quints down to the bronzers look very reminiscent of the last 2 summers.  I really wasn’t planning on picking anything up at all, but then I saw Lily’s post and was immediately sold on the Diorskin Nude Air Glow Powder!  And as I was in the boutique already, I picked up 1 of the Polka Dots Colour & Dots Manicure Kits out of curiosity, and spied the Diorblush Sculpt in stock at last and picked 1 up as well.  Since I have just a random selection of things, this is not really a typical Summer 2016 collection review, but a bit of a shopping haul post for a change!

Dior Milky Dots Summer 2016

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23, 05, 2016

Protect & Defend with Chanel La Solution 10 & UV Essentiel

Did you know that as many as 1 in 2 women globally claim to have sensitive skin?  That’s an astounding statistic, and it means that everyone of us would have experienced sensitive skin at some point in our lives, and can identify with the redness, itchiness and stinging sensation often associated with overly-reactive skin.  And it is no wonder as we live in polluted cities and stressful lifestyles, all leading to increased levels of skin sensitivity.  To help care for our skin, Chanel has introduced the new La Solution 10 to soothe and defend against external aggressors.  I have been using it with the newly formulated UV Essentiel, which not only further protects the skin, it also stimulates skin’s natural protective power.

Chanel La Solution 10 UV Essentiel

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21, 05, 2016

Tom Ford Lilac Dream Eye Color Quad

I am taking a mini-breather from Instagramming, not for lack of inspiration (after all, when in doubt, just choose a brand and SPAM at will isn’t it?!) but I’m anti-establishment.  The latest change in algorithm favours those who just keep spamming feed over those who are genuinely building community.  Call it old-school blogger sensibilities perhaps, but where has the real interest in people’s opinions gone?  It’s all wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am these days.

But i’m still very much there, just testing out my theory that investing in relationships will lead me farther in the long run.  So feel free to DM me or leave me a good ole-comment, and let’s get a real conversation going!  Meanwhile, I’ve gone back and forth, experimenting with some Tom Fords.  I know, it’s all about those sexy Soleil Collection [reviewed here, here & here!] at the moment, and I’m even ogling at the coming Fall sneak…. but I still have at least 2 more of the recently released Tom Ford Eye Color Quads to show you.  And I thought it’d be nice to talk about getting some cool eyes with Lilac Dream!

Tom Ford Lilac Dream Eye Color Quad

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19, 05, 2016

The Koolest Kollab ft. Fresh Cushion Blush & Sheer Color Balm from KYE x Shu Uemura for Summer 2016!

I’m always excited by Shu Uemura’s designer collaborations, and the latest KYE for Shu Uemura collection is no exception.  Featuring Kathleen Kye’s trademark illustrations and cool Korea-inspired makeup products, the new collection is full of fun for any beautyjunkie.  Seriously, if Shu Uemura produces charms out of all their quirky limited edition illustrations, I would totally collect them all!

Shu Uemura x KYE collection

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