03, 05, 2016

La Mer The Lifting Eye Serum & The Illuminating Eye Gel

Yesterday was a public holiday here in Singapore, and it was awesome to be able to sleep in on a Monday!  I have the most terrible case of the blues today, and had a rough start.  But, like David Guetta says, I will rise above it all.  The only thing saving me from looking like a goldfish today (or any other day) are a couple of eye care picks from one of my favourite skincare brands – La Mer!

La Mer The Lifting Eye Serum & The Illuminating Eye Gel

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30, 04, 2016

Tom Ford Soleil Blanc EDP & Radiant Moisture Souffle

Counting down to the launch of Tom Ford Summer 2016 Soleil Collection in Singapore!  It’s launching on 3 May at the TANGS Orchard counter, so be prepared!  I know everyone will be rushing for the makeup items, and in case you missed them before, I have reviewed and swatched the entire collection here and here.  Today, I would like to introduce 2 other items that are also part of the collection, and equally deserving of your attention – Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Eau de Parfum and Tom Ford Radiant Moisture Souffle.

Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Eau de Parfum

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29, 04, 2016

By Terry Sun Designer Palette in Tan & Flash Cruise

Let the sun shine!!  I was initially planning on checking this out in person when it hits stores in Singapore before buying it, but after seeing this gorgeous By Terry Sun Designer Palette pop up all over Instagram, I couldn’t resist and ordered it from Beautylish.  And what do you know, it seems that this baby will be available in Singapore sooner than expected.  So, this should be a timely post for those of you still considering it!

By Terry Sun Designer Palette Tan & Flash Cruise

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27, 04, 2016

Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Revitalizing Mask Noir

Are you ready for some mid-week decadence?  Estee Lauder has created the ultimate indulgence for skincare lovers with its Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Revitalizing Mask Noir.  Featuring some of the world’s rarest and most precious ingredients, this is a 2-step spa-like ritual like no other!

Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Revitalizing Mask Noir

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26, 04, 2016

Guerlain Meteorites Base & Blanc de Perle Light Booster Brightening Compact Foundation

Guerlain Meteorites Base was one of the first makeup primers that I used diligently and actually finished up.  At the very beginning of this blog, I had written about the challenges I faced in finding the perfect primer [read “Battle of the Primers” here], and I never got around to writing the part 2 of that series because I had settled down nicely with Guerlain Meteorites Base shortly after.  In fact, there has been a post kicking around at the back of my head and on my pipeline for the past year or so, discussing the various wonderful bases that Guerlain has to offer.  But time has gotten the better of me, and now that Guerlain has released a new formula, it seems appropriate to finally give this wonderful product a proper introduction.  I also got to try out the new Blanc de Perle Compact Foundation, which is always a joy, because as you all know, I have an extreme fondness for Guerlain powders.
Guerlain Blanc de Perle Light Booster compact & Meteorites base

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24, 04, 2016

Fixing my Fried Ends with Chez Vous’ Trilogy System Suite!

I’m usually hesitant to review services as I find experiences difficult to replicate, and it is generally assumed that bloggers get preferential treatment anyway.  But since I bleached my hair thrice in the span of six months, I’ve been struggling with really weakened strands that split and break.  And nothing has worked, until I experienced Chez Vous’ Trilogy System Suite, and it is too good not to be shared!

Chez Vous hair salon

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