16, 06, 2018

Lancome L’absolu Lacquer

I’ve never been much of a lip gloss kind of gal, I like my lippies to pack colour and opacity, so glosses never really fit the bill.  Of course, the industry has evolved tremendously, and there are plenty of pigmented glosses in the market today.  However, most of them do not have much in the way of longevity, until now.  Meet the new Lancôme L’absolu Lacquer!

Lancome L'absolu Lacquer

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14, 06, 2018

So Shameless, Marc Jacobs Beauty

I love a good lightweight foundation that allows the natural skin to show through, and Marc Jacobs Beauty claims to do all of that with its latest Shameless Foundation.  Billed to have skin-loving properties and a 24-hour stay, it sounded like a dream come true.  I had the privilege of experiencing the foundation at an intimate workshop with the brand’s Global Makeup Artist Gilbert Soliz a couple of months ago, but did not receive a sample in my shade until very recently.  I finally got the chance to give it a couple of good test runs through the rigors of my usual long work days, and would like to share my thoughts with you today.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Shameless Foundation

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12, 06, 2018

Be Bold. Be Extrême. Be Tom Ford!

Tom Ford has been unrelenting in changing up its makeup offerings lately!  First the brand redefined its eye colour offering by breaking up several of its well-loved eye colour quads and offering them as singles in an updated formula; and now it is going a step further by pushing out an entire wardrobe of never-before-seen colours dripping in shimmers and foil.  Next, the brand has reimagined one of my personal favourite patent finish lip colour as a new lip lacquer, pushing it to the maximum boundaries in terms of colours and finishes.  This SS2018, Tom Ford heralds in the future of makeup with the Tom Ford Extrême Collection!

Tom Ford Extreme Collection

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10, 06, 2018

Jo Malone has me lusting after a taste of Tropical Cherimoya

Nothing spells summer more perfectly than tropical colours so bright you can barely open your eyes, and an air so heavy with the fragrance of ripened fruity that you can almost taste it.  This season, Jo Malone has managed to encapsulate the quintessence of summer in a bottle that is the most exceptional yet!

Jo Malone Hot Blossoms Collection

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09, 06, 2018

Add a little Elegance to your life…

How was your week?  Work has been busy but productive, I’m really excited and hoping that this landmark transaction I’m working on goes smoothly.  More importantly, I’ve been trying to take time for myself, and made it for 2 barre classes this week which felt really good.  This weekend I’m determined to have a bit of fun, and I’ve got inspirations for a couple of product shots.  So balance is key, and it never hurts to have something exquisite to start the day with. And I think we all can do with a little Albion Elegance makeup in our lives!

Elegance makeup

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04, 06, 2018

Be Hippy Chic this Summer 2018 with By Terry!

If you could have one wish this summer, what would it be?  I think for most of us, above all else, we desire to be happy.  But what happens if the pursuit of happiness leads us to be rather selfish?  Is it nobler in the mind to seek solace in the greater good, or take arms against a sea of troubles for the light at the end of the tunnel?  Two roads diverge in the woods… how would you choose?

Thank goodness some things in life don’t need much premeditation, especially when they are as gorgeous as By Terry’s Hippy Chic Summer 2018 Collection.  Boho hippy relaxed vibes and edgy chic cool collide in this tightly curated collection.

By Terry Hippy Chic collection

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Chanel Fall 2016 makeup look ft Illusion d'Ombre Rouge Contraste Rouge Brule

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