16, 07, 2018

Summer Glowin’ with Make Up Store

Make Up Store produces makeup that looks good for the every day woman, and does not play by conventional seasonal trends.  The latest collection features 3 different looks, including of course a bronzed, sun-kissed siren.  For the romantic, there are beautiful pieces to create a flirty and airy look.  There are also a couple of edgier items for those who wish to exercise their creative freedom.

Make Up Store Summer 2018 selections

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12, 07, 2018

Nudestix Nudies Tinted Blur

I love Nudestix for their intuitive-to-use pencil makeup format, and the incredible ability to carry all my makeup needs in a single sleek tin.  That means no round cushion nor powder compact, nor messy liquid foundation to clutter up my purse.  Now with the Nudies Tinted Blur the dream is finally reality.

Nudestix Nudies Tinted Blur

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10, 07, 2018

Popping into my time machine and rewinding to… Empties Vol. 6

As mentioned in my previous post, I was on a crazy spring-cleaning mission towards the end of last year, and threw out empty bottles and containers for an empties post before December was up.  And recently as I was scrolling through my photo album, I realized that I had left this one out when I prepared my last empties post for 2017.  So for the sake of completeness (mainly for my own record-keeping), I’m turning on the time machine for a brief respite, and naming this post simply Empties Vol. 6 (but it really should be Vol. 4a).

Empties vol. 06

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09, 07, 2018

Mid-year achievements… Empties Vol. 7

This is an extra-bumper issue of Empties post… not only did I manage to finish up more products than ever, it is also a 2-part special!  As I was going through my photo archive recently, I discovered another empties post that I had photographed but never got around to blogging about at the end of last year.  But since I am already working on this one, let’s just call this post Vol. 7, and have Vol. 6 come in a few days or whenever I get the chance to work on it.  Now, are you ready to get down to business?

Empties 07

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06, 07, 2018

Lunasol Summer 2018

I’ve enjoyed Lunasol makeup in the past, but never quite as much as now… this Summer 2018 collection brings out Lunasol’s trademark earthy tones to their full glory, nicely supplemented by pops of blue and red.  There are surprisingly fun elements incorporated into the collection as well… read on to find out more!

Lunasol Metallic Liners for Summer 2018

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03, 07, 2018

La Prairie Skin Caviar Essence-in-Foundation

My skin has been simply flawless lately (now, if that’s not a boastful statement I don’t know what is!), and it is all thanks to the new La Prairie Skin Caviar Essence-in-Foundation!  For the first time, La Prairie has incorporated its very exclusive Caviar Water in a start-of-the-art delivery system to create a colour/skincare product to pamper and refine.

La Prairie Skin Caviar Essence-in-Foundation

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Chanel Fall 2016 makeup look ft Illusion d'Ombre Rouge Contraste Rouge Brule

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